Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Quick note that impacts EVERYONE in Kansas City and across the metro . . . Here's a look at how higher prices for an essential staple of life are being represented:

New Bill Gives Customers More Information and Shows Usage in Smaller Increments to Provide More Consistent Billing

(Kansas City, MO) – In an effort to better serve our customers with a clearer, more precise view of their water usage, KC Water will launch its redesigned customer billing statements Thursday, January 30th. Customers will see a new look to their water bills complete with:

- Smaller increment billing
- Usage shown in gallons
- Usage comparison showing current month and the same period prior year
- Monthly usage bar chart for 13 months

“Our hope is that customers will more easily understand their bills, whether they are viewing it online or viewing it in their hands. We want you to see exactly what you are using and how your payments are applied,” said John Clarkson, KC Water Customer Service Officer.

Customers will also be billed in smaller increments which will more closely show their billing in the same period in which the water was consumed.

Before this change, customers were billed for each full unit of water (748 gallons) once they reached that full unit amount. Now, customers will be billed portions of a unit in addition to the full units used. This change means the bill will more closely reflect the actual usage for that billing period.

The bill redesign also puts more helpful information at the top.

Translation . . .


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Anonymous said...

Everything's up to date and a rip off in Kansas city.

Anonymous said...

This is complex to figure out but it is a better way for people. This will be a more accurate and fair way of billing.

Anonymous said...

Incremental billing is short for higher prices. If only the water dept. knew what to do with all that excess money they make instead of buying new vehicles, new computer systems and so on every year. They have a problem and it’s too much money, they have to spend all the money every year and they’re running out of things to spend it on.

Makes perfect sense to raise the bill doesn’t it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Water Department thinks calling things different names will some how cause its customers to believe the bullshit that has been pushed on them for years. When you see zero usage and are still paying $100/month... it’s unreasonable no matter how you slice it.

Anonymous said...

The same people running the Water Department are running the "Iowa Caucuses".

Confusion, poor optics, no accountability and a predictable result.

Cross State Line - no potholes.

What do the folks in JoCo pay for water?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the thugs "about us" running the KC Water Department?

Where is the outrage said...

KCMO provides sewer service to Mission Hills and Leawood in the State of Kansas.
KCMO provides water service to 20+ municipalities that have received smaller rate increases than KC City residents.

Anonymous said...

Terry Leeds and other water officials say that after decades of artificially low rates and poor infrastructure maintenance, they are making up for lost time and pouring millions of dollars into new water and sewer pipes.

Oh wow how bout that and all this negligence is the customers fault?

Dimitrios Kazamstampons said...

KCMO water department is doing the same thing as the grocery stores. Higher price for a smaller unit and the price keeps going up while the unit gets smaller.

Anonymous said...

Got a weird notice from the KC water dept. They said the meter needed to be reset so a tech came out and said repairs needed to be done before they can reset it and that an inspector will come out to see what needs to be done. I have no idea what this means and no one has come out but I'm worried it will be expensive. Anyone have similar stories or know what I'm in for?

Anonymous said...

It was a serial killer casing your house. Get a pitbull.