Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Right now, given that our local news is politely ignoring this EPIC ELECTION COLLAPSE, we turn to our blog community for a glimpse at the current election crisis our way to the next one very soon . . . At this rate. Checkit:

Chuck: It's Time For Paper Ballots & Old Fashioned Counts

Last night's Democratic Caucus in Iowa, by anyone's account, including Democrats, was a disaster.

Bernie Sanders supporters are livid and posting tweets like this one;

-Iowa Democratic Party uses secretive app for caucus reporting
-App stops working a few hours before caucus begins
-Results trickle in but show dominating performance for Sanders, death knell for Biden camp
-Counting now shut down by DNC for "quality control"

-I have that right?

As I type, in the background, I can hear commentary on MSNBC and FOX that discounts, but does not refute, the possibility of a cyber attack.

Nonsense. As in 2016, this is a concerted, premeditated attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign and the ground swell of support, that now dominates the conversation and energy in the Democrat Party. The only thing left for the old guard of the DNC to do, in order to put a bow on this mess, is for Adam Schiff to stand in front of the microphone and tell us all, that the APP shot itself in the back of the head.

No one, not even Democrats, denies that the 2016 Democratic Primaries were rigged to elect Clinton and defeat Sanders. The proof is categorical.

It is time for ALL Americans, that still believe in fair elections to call for a return to PAPER BALLOTS!

The all too familiar, stench of corruption, malfeasance and claims from BOTH sides of the political spectrum after the upcoming 2020 election, could be the final blow to ANY hope of reconciliation and a workable relationship between Democrats and Republicans that can accomplish the stated objectives of the majority of the electorate. This is not to mention, the threats of violence from Sanders supporters if they feel, they have been, once again, "screwed in the drive through".

Addressing these problems prior to another disaster like last night's embarrassment, would benefit the entire nation, not just Sanders supporters. Americans MUST believe in the fairness of national elections, or..., suffer the results of the chaos that will ensue.

Survey Seyz: 2020 Voting Trouble Just Getting Started

Think Iowa's Delay Was a Fluke? Get Used to It.

The most obvious and benign possible reason we might see delayed results on Election Day is what political scientist Charles Stewart and I call the " overtime count." This term refers to ballots that are counted after election night, as the election officials canvass returns before finally certifying their results.

The Numbers Now

Iowa Democrats release first batch of results

The Iowa Democratic Party releases the first batch of caucus results, showing an early lead for Pete Buttigieg.

Stat Geeks Consider Consequences For Democracy

Iowa Might Have Screwed Up The Whole Nomination Process

In trying to build a forecast model of the Democratic primaries, we literally had to think about the entire process from start (Iowa) to finish (the Virgin Islands on June 6). Actually, we had to do more than that.

Progressive Hot Take

Trump Allies Use Iowa To Sow Distrust In The Voting System

Widespread problems in tallying the results of Monday's Democratic caucuses in Iowa have caused confusion in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, as officials have delayed releasing results well into Tuesday. Into the vacuum stepped President Donald Trump 's sons, his surrogates and right-wing media allies, who quickly sought to push disinformation that the caucuses were somehow rigged.

Iowa Out?!?!

Why Iowa may lose its first-in-the-nation status

The technology issues, the coin flips to pick a winner and all of the other major snafus during yesterday's Iowa caucuses make it likely that either the caucuses will be replaced by a primary in 2024 or Iowa will lose its first-in-the-nation status, or both.

Fox News Connection

What Iowa caucuses' failure and Obamacare debacle have in common: Tammy Bruce

Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce argued that there is a direct parallel between the botched Iowa caucuses and another historic, technology-driven failure: the Obamacare website. The Iowa Democratic Party blamed their failure to release the results of the caucuses on a "coding issue" related to its reporting app and it pledged to release the caucus results starting late Tuesday afternoon.

Exceptional Snark Also Available From This Retailer In Kansas City Crossroads

A popular t-shirt shop with Des Moines roots released a shirt ridiculing the Iowa caucus fracas

T-shirt brand Raygun launched a shirt mocking this year's chaotic Iowa Caucus. The garment boasts that it "Was Designed and Printed Faster Than the Caucus Results Were Released!" Raygun is based in Des Moines, Iowa, where it designs and prints its in-house t-shirts. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

You decide . . .


Harbinger said...

I like the column and some of the links presented here but the technology can only be as good as the people running it.

Politicians stuffed ballots back in the old days, this is just a symptom of the same problem. Harbinger

Anonymous said...


Making sure our Democracy is secure should be the first concern for both Democrats & Republicans. Too bad that in this environment neither side can get together and trust one another to get it done.

Super Dave said...

Nice Post Chuck

Anonymous said...

Damn I didn't know there was that many gays in Iowa who would vote for Peter Buttplug.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Quid Pro Joe is sinking fast!

phaedras said...

All part of the plan to rob Bernie of the nomination.

Although you might think the old commie would be appreciative of the vote redistribution scheme they were apparently using.

Anonymous said...

Can you use the Read More.. so we don't have to scroll through all this garbage.

Another Midtown Mom said...

damn good post chuck.

This stinks and it makes our elections look weak. This is how the Democrats are going to lose and I haven't ever voted for a Republican President.


Paper ballots is a good start.

Anonymous said...

Tech Firm Whose Half-Baked App Cocked Up Iowa Results Run By Ex-Clinton, Obama Staff


Anonymous said...

^^^ beat me to it! Just think how much money they got paid and they still screwed it up, the news was reporting that they have paper to back up the results

Anonymous said...

5:05 They are lying. This is a "Kill Bernie" operation.

No organization in recent memory is as corrupt as the DNC.

Anonymous said...

What happened in Iowa will be happening all over America in 2020.
This was designed to throw Bernie under the bus and Pete's campaign has contributed to the company writing the app.

Anonymous said...

24 hours later still only 62% reported....WTF

Anonymous said...

I heard they hired Byron to do the counting. You know that blind demorat from back east.

Anonymous said...

You can all ridicule me 24/7 if I'm wrong, but in the end, SOMEHOW (IMHO) it will be all about Hillary. Either she'll be running for president or vice president.....If you apply HER to every situation that is currently going down, somehow it all connects to her.
Oh well. Hope I'm wrong. I would like it more if Hillary and Claire flew away for a Pedo Island Lick Fest and never return..

Anonymous said...

Nice post chuck! Thanks Super Dave! You're handsome, chuck! Thanks Super Dave!! Come suck my cock, chuck? Sure, be right over, Super Dave!

The Tony's Kansas City Echo Chamber of Stupidity.

Anonymous said...

^^^STFU GD you're a pathetic loser.

Anonymous said...

No real rebuttal eh? Nothing to contribute?

Didn't think so. Sit this one out, child.

Anonymous said...

Gonna say she pops up as a running mate for someone.

chuck said...

6:51 Thanks! I am a good lookin devil.


And thanks Dave!

Thanks for the comments, positive and negative. The DNC muddied up the results, in my opinion, to diminish the Bernie impact the day after the Caucus. Tom Perez and the DNC are capable of ANYTHING and I have no doubt, that there are behind the scenes moves that we can't begin to comprehend. The DNC is really good at this and really good at manipulating the narrative to produce an "Insider" from the Washington DC ruling class to take the reigns of power.

If Bernie can get the nomination,he will have to overcome the Clinton machine (Sauron in Mt. Doom). I wish him the best, but he and his "Squad" are up against true evil and besides, Trump has the ring in Melania's purse.

Anonymous said...

No chuck you're a twisted lunatic

Anonymous said...

^^^ Butthurt