This week OUR KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY has served as the only local media outlet to push back against irresponsible dead-tree media advocacy against support for police in the midst of a deadly crime wave.

Now, a local power player joins the conversation . . .


We've posted a couple of times on this topic and one of the more interesting theories that has arisen believes the newspaper effort for local control goes hand in hand with their stingy budget strategy . . . Strange (weird) given the paper's record of supporting almost every local tax increase.

Nevertheless, this word from the top cop provides an important fact check and counterpoint to MSM writing which not only contradicts outcry from residents but also opposes the position of local police leaders:

KCPD Chief: To curb violence, more officers are needed

Here's the premise:

"It’s budget time again in Kansas City, and as our budget comprises nearly 38% of the City’s general fund, there has understandably been a lot of discussion about it, and there should be. Board of Police Commissioners President Nathan Garrett stated at last week’s Board meeting that KCPD needs more officers than the ten additional officer positions currently in the City’s proposed budget.

"The Kansas City Star published an editorial Monday stating KCPD does not need 65 more police officers, which is a number Commissioner Garrett cited at the meeting. That would bring us up to 1,400 total officer positions. After Kansas City’s 1968 riots following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., then-Mayor Ilus Davis convened a Commission on Civil Disorder. The report recommended in August 1968 that KCPD should have 1,500 officers. That was more than 50 years ago, and we have never met that goal.

"This department has made many efforts to enhance relationships with the community, but with our current staffing, officers are primarily limited to responding to 911 calls. This limits proactive and community policing . . .

"This police department takes financial responsibility very seriously. We’re not looking to take over the city. We’re trying to find ways to address the violent crime issue in a way that is both reasonable and effective. Adding police officers is one of the only proven ways to do so that is within our control. This is discussed in the book Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt."

Read the Chief's post in its entirety

You decide . . .


  1. The Star doesn't care if KC has more cops. They all live in Johnson County.

  2. Eliminating the police board when the city gets control of the popo could hire about 18 cops alone so....

  3. "when the city gets control of the popo"

    You mean the shitty that cannot fix roads. You don't see any problem here?


  4. If the Chief of Police needs more Officers the City should live up to the original recommendation and fully staff the department with 1500 Officers. The crime has got a lot worse since the 1968 Riots not better.
    Answering 9-1-1 calls alone does not allow for patrolling of neighborhoods, checking suspicious cars or interacting with citizens unless they are victims of a crime in most cases.

    Ten cops get real...!!

  5. We have an adequate department for our city. With advances in technology, officers can do more with less. The issue is that the department is not being run as efficiently as possible. The Chief has to go!

    Let me give you a few examples:

    1. The department has too many sergeants, captains, majors and deputy chiefs that do zero work when it comes to apprehension of criminals. The department should cut the command ranks by half and replace these people with new officers which will add another 100 to the streets.

    2. The majority of special units need cut and those officers need back to the streets to answer calls for service. They can crosstrain others on their specialty and more officers can do minor investigations on their own.

    3. The department needs to allow online incident reporting t reduce the need of officers to have to respond to take a report.

    4. Officers should no longer be sent to EMS calls automatically unless their is an active threat to ambulance crews.

    5. Reserves officers should be hired to sit on people at hospitals, transport of prisoners and to answer basic police calls like burglary, property damage, non-injury accidents.

    6. Officers should not be dispatched to calls involving suicidal subjects or emotionally disturbed people unless their is an active threat to life of another.

    7. Security officers in the city already commissioned by the Police should be allowed to take some reports and issue tickets and summons.

    8. The traffic unit and parking control should be disbanded and their duties delegated to street officers.

    9. Internal affairs should be replaced with a citizen review board.

    The list goes on and on...

  6. Byron Funkhouser2/25/20, 3:34 PM

    The police can not prevent murder.

    1. Nothing can prevent you from being a retard.

  7. how many people woke up today in KC and said they want to give a cop a foot massage? ZERO.

  8. 3:34 that is correct and guns can't make people kill either.

  9. I am ok with more police. We certainly need them, but you must take the money from something else like arts or bike lanes or city sponsored events because we cannot pay any more taxes thanks to frank white,

  10. Chief Richard C. Smith is a racist. The Kansas City Police Department used the City of Kansas City as a cash register.

  11. Good, I’m glad he is a racist. All of our cops should be.


  12. You're not going to get more police until you vote the democrats out. Having a black democrat mayor makes things worse, we all know they don't like cops.

  13. So they want 65 more cops divided among 5 zones and 3 8 hour shifts including days off. Good luck with your extra 2 officers on duty per shift. You do see how ridiculous that request is right?

  14. ^^ "divided among 5 zones" does not mean 2 more officers per zone per shit. See how ridiculous that assumption is?

    1. Ok asswipe where are the 65 officers going?

    2. Also asswipe, make sure you account for days off so some of these officers have to be relief and not all will go to patrol sectors.

  15. cops just need to be paid enough money to purchase a coupe, a pick up truck, and one other recreational vehicle such as a boat, motorcycle, or jet ski.

  16. 61 are going to patrol sector 2, then 1 to every other patrol sector.

  17. 8:17 you probably invent a inapplicable math problem regarding inventory every time you open your refrigerator.

  18. police, fbi, cia, whatever, all clubs of extreme assholes.


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