Sunday, February 09, 2020


An important essay remembering the civil rights era, the legacy of MLK and admitting the role of the Church in perpetuating racism.

Here's the word . . .

KCK Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann: Make your commitment to end racism a personal one

Money line:

"I have great respect and admiration for African-American Catholics, many of whom persevered in living their Catholic faith despite enduring bigotry and racism within the church. Their belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist motivated them to remain resolute in their Catholic faith despite the sins and failures of some of the church’s ministers and members.

"During February, we observe Black History Month. Let us pray especially during these days for the eradication of racism in America."

You decide . . .


chuck said...

"KCK Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann: Make your commitment to end racism a personal one..."

We don't have to.

The Government, in what is the very existential definition of "Institutional Racism", mandates with laws and statutes that white boys go to the back of the line for Government Bennies, college admittance, jobs, etc. etc. etc. becuase of the color of their white skin. Hell, is some shitheel fuck from Nigeria shows up, illegally, HE/SHE goes to the front of the line too!

Instead of reading the usual horseshit from your garden variety, self flagellating, decadent, narcissistic, holier-than-thou pedophile, read "The Age Of Entitlement" by Christopher Caldwell. The explanation of how we ended up, here in America, hating white boys, literally for a living, is in this book.

Or, you can just go back to pretending that things turned out great in Baltimore, East St. Louis, Rhodesia, South Africa and the thousands of places where hating white people is the raison d'etre every minute of every day.

Anonymous said...

^^^ the myth of racism against whites isn't backed up by any statistics or data. Just white supremacist literature.

chuck said...

9:43 Except for the fact, that Affirmative Action DOES exist along with thousands of pieces of legislation that dictate quotas and preferences that deny whites an "Even Playing Field" and in fact, tilt the field to ANYONE who isn't white.

It is way, way past time, for whites to form organizations that encourage white people to ONLY vote for and support white candidates (Like Blacks and Latinos do), that only support business' that are white owned and avoid at all costs, the business, people and politicians who make bank and support the "Institutional Racism" of the Federal Government.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^It's called the Republican Party.

The NAAWP is called the United States of America.

Racists gave themselves no choice but to pretend that Jesus was a white man, once they had invented the notion of race to justify slavery & exploitation.

DNA evidence has clearly shown that every human alive today is descended from the same women in Africa, about 70,000 years ago. She is not the first human, but the one whose progeny survived. Then they migrated, then they isolated & then they inbred thus creating these pseudo races that we have today. But, it's just an optical illusion & eventually we will all be the same color, again.

The human race came out of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all know that the church - black or white or other - is nothing more than nationalism in one form or another. It is the root of the culture of supremacy, hate speech and segregation on nothing other than a color differential. Isn’t that wild!

Anonymous said...

"During February, we observe Black History Month. Let us pray especially during these days for the eradication of racism in America."

When do we observe White History Month?

Are we going to eradicate racism? All racism, including racism against White people?

When will the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc., field teams that proportionately represent the race of their host teams?

Will the Catholic Church hierarchy lead the way by populating their College of Cardinals with more than a few people of color? Women?

Maybe Archbishop Naumann could put his words into action by resigning his post and demanding a person of color take the position.

Anonymous said...

Fact is : Jesus is no longer white or human. He returned thousands of years ago to his Godly glorified form, (it is not at all human) and is sitting on his throne, preparing to judge each person. He was a man for only 33 years. Thats only 396 short months as a human. He was a human just a tiny sliver of time. I drive a car thats older than 33 years, it still looks new too!

Anonymous said...

Under Naumann.. KCK parishes were very late to acknowledge the influx of Hispanics. They wanted to segregate them to targeted parishes. They lost that battle and now recognize that.

Anonymous said...

byron, pangea is BS too. Scientists come up with new discoveries & theories all the time to publish. And the future always laughs.

Anonymous said...

institutional racism against blacks exists. Chuck has a point about quotas being institutional racism against whites. What do you call hiring mexicans instead of white people b/c it is cheaper? Could that be called institutional or corporate racism?

Both black and white races, and other races, exhibit prejudice.

Anonymous said...

where does institutional racism seem to exist against blacks besides the prison system today? There is also simultaneously a history of white people financially and institutionally trying to help blacks step up.

Anonymous said...

God made all races. And they are his creation. So God has no racism or discrimination. But flawed Godless people may treat God's races horribly. And certain Godless races may not live up to God's expectations. But in time they will judged and treated accordingly. It used to be God would wipe out entire cultures and groups of people. But anymore he is showing patience. People think that just because God doesn't punish people right away for wrongdoing that they have gotten away with their evil ways. But they will pay. Look at the military guy in Thailand that murdered 28 people this weekend. I bet he is in hell right now - surrounded and being tortured by the angry people he murdered. They are very pissed to be dead and in hell forever and they are taking out their wrath on him from now till eternity. And there is nothing that gunman can do. Even God wont save him now!

Anonymous said...

Of course Jesus is white. I saw his picture in my King James bible