Sent our way from KICK-ASS TKC READERS we share deets on The Star's upcoming move to 6 day publication as the publication moves closer to a tiny walled garden with fading influence on public policy and/or local culture . . . Check their story that's not quite as captivating as Kimmy G pretending to read in her skivvies:



The Kansas City Star is changing to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our readers and the communities we serve long into the future. More and more of our customers are engaging with our local journalism online. This is not unique to the Kansas City metro, it is a widespread trend in journalism, and in fact, many industries.

Starting March 14, we will launch a new weekend package with expanded newspapers on Fridays and Sundays and access to the Saturday edition exclusively online. While we will no longer produce a printed newspaper on Saturday, we will continue to publish the strong independent local journalism you expect from The Kansas City Star online seven days a week.

Here are the changes you can expect:

- Friday: The newspaper will have new puzzles as well as a new themed section called “Uplift,” your source of good news for the weekend.

- Saturday: We invite you to “go digital” and visit our website or eEdition, which replicates the experience of a printed newspaper online. You’ll also find our EXTRA EXTRA digital supplement with more national, international and entertainment news and Sports Xtra, our sports supplement.

- Sunday: In addition to the usual comics content, we will add the puzzles and comics that you love to read in your Saturday paper.

- If you are receiving your weekly TV book with your Saturday delivery it will now be delivered on Sunday.

With this change, your new subscription package will now include delivery on Sunday - Friday. Your subscription rate will remain the same and will also continue to include 7-day unlimited digital access. We now provide many different ways to connect with The Kansas City Star -- on our website, on mobile apps, newsletters, and on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. These digital platforms are accessible wherever you go and whenever you want.

If you haven’t already done so, please activate your digital subscription and never miss a breaking story. The eEdition is a digital replica of the printed edition and is ready to read by 6 AM and often earlier. To learn more about the eEdition, visit Also included are our mobile and tablet apps, newsletters and more. To start reading the eEdition now, log on to and follow the easy steps.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to the new delivery method, please give us a call at 877-962-7827 or email us at We will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of The Kansas City Star and for making an investment in local journalism.


Mike Fannin

Developing . . .


  1. What a joke.

    If you want to know what is going on in KC., the only place to really hear the truth, is right here on TKC.

    It just is what it is.

  2. The star was a great paper once. Not anymore.

  3. Sounds like they are making a great leap forward. To the 1950's.

  4. Except chuck, and this is real key here retard, you wouldn't know the truth if it sat on your face!

    1. Oh Chimpy. The only thing sitting on your face is another chimp! Lol

  5. Chuck has many fans.

  6. Igor Jimenez2/12/20, 8:40 AM

    The Star is desperate and trying to remain relevant but massively failing just like KCMO.

  7. ^^Or like you geezer.

  8. Of course, the Star can continue to try to ride the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory with even more "special sections" regurgitating the same tired stories.
    Adding a buck to the Sunday paper.
    Next up?
    Mahomes' grandmother's cookie recipe.
    Hard hitting!

  9. ^^Yep. Remember, nobody but geezers read the paper anyway, and they are nobody's ideal demographic. Might as well try to reach out to people who actually matter.

  10. no point in acting so happy about demise of print journalism ... from a blog which generates zero new content or reporting but cannibalizes the content and reporting of others.

    how will people look back on our era with no daily newspaper to consult. plus there are some mighty fine comic strips out there these days Dustin, Dilbert still strong, the Duplex, Argyle Sweater, Zits, etc would be sorry to see talented cartoonists no longer finding decent work at newspapers. radish has spoken


  11. the Star chose to become an uber-left Democrat rag -- so, good riddance.

  12. and yet it will still be here long after you saunter off to hell. Weird.

  13. "never miss a breaking story"

    I want to see a breaking story as it happens not 6 hours or 3 days later.

  14. 11:19 nailed it. Alienate a portion of readers, esp those in the targeted demographics? Genius. When The Star printed op eds using terms such as “white Mexican, “ it was time to bail.

  15. I almost bought a copy on Sunday and it was $4.99. NOPE. Pee papers for puppy are still cheaper.


  16. Star is a POS and they need to get off their desperate attempt to make money by bating stories on facebook….either put out the news or go away no one is going to support this RAG...


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