Friday, February 14, 2020


Quick literary moment of pause for our readers this evening, Love in the Time of Cholera might be one of the greatest literary works the Western world has witnessed in the past 50 years. And it's apropos given Valentine's Day affections and the ongoing outbreak across the globe.

Here's real life news concern for parents beyond our snark and reflections . . . Amid coronavirus fears, a second wave of flu hits American youngsters

Here's more info from valuable local resource enduring cruel cuts from KC's budget . . .

Coronavirus | Children's Mercy Kansas City

As the World Health Organization declares an international public health emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak, Children's Mercy is taking all precautions to protect our patients, visitors and staff. We have been working with public health officials to get updates on how to characterize the disease, define best treatment practices and strategies to reduce transmission.


Anonymous said...

You know alot of travellers have come back from China recently. They were there for New Years Lunar celebrations. Many work all over KC. Its a bit late to start "being aware". With a 21 day period before symptoms, who knows how many cases there are now??

Anonymous said...

Bigger question is how is KCMO going to monitor the 25 million anally visitors.

Anonymous said...

Anally visitors?
Monitor them?
This wasn’t supposed to be an anal disease.
Not sure who would agree to monitor someone’s anal...
Someone could “look into it”
To me this just stinks.

Anonymous said...

We Chinese/we play joke!
Man-made virus make you choke!