So far stocks are mixed today and fighting to claw their way out of "correction" territory. Accordingly, here's an important note from the top ranking elected official in Kansas City as the economic threat of the global virus worsens.

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Congressman Cleaver, Senior Members of Financial Services Committee Call for Administration Response Plan to Protect American Economy From Coronavirus

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Financial Services Subcommittee Chairman on National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO), along with Financial Services Subcommittee Chairmen Gregory Meeks (D-NY), Al Green (D-TX), and Wm. Lacy Clay (D-MO), sent a letter to administration officials and financial regulators calling for an impact report and response plan to protect the American public and economy as the coronavirus advances around the globe.

In the letter, the lawmakers wrote:

“Given the seemingly imminent nature of this threat sweeping through the U.S., it appears that the costs associated with this outbreak may reverberate throughout our economy, and every effort should be undertaken to insulate our citizens and their savings.”

“As we’ve seen over the last two days, the coronavirus is a serious threat to not only the health of the American people, but the well-being of the American economy,” said Chairman Cleaver. “If we are going to protect the public and their savings in the markets, we’re going to need a collective and well-coordinated response from the federal government, which is why we’re asking the administration and financial regulators to come to us with a plan of action that Congress can get behind. If ever there were a time to throw politics out the window, I think the threat of a global pandemic and a stock market in free fall would be it.”

“The novel coronavirus is not only a health threat but an economic one as well. We need to be prepared for scenarios in which there are major disruptions to global markets. The administration and financial regulators must work in lock-step to model potential risks to the US economy and financial markets, and plan responses to ensure that American families do not once again suffer under the burden of an economic slowdown or financial crisis,” Chairman Meeks said.

“There have been repeated assurances from the White House that the coronavirus is ‘contained’ in the United States because it might dissipate on its own ‘as temperatures rise.’ However, the scientific community - including experts within the Trump Administration – as recently as yesterday presented diametrically conflicting guidance. We need a sober assessment of the actual threat posed by COVID-19 (or 2019 novel coronavirus) to Americans, their finances, and our nation’s economy. I eagerly await a prompt response to our urgent inquiry,” said Chairman Green.

“The Corona virus is a potential public health emergency and could threaten our economic security as well. We need a coordinated response from both the administration and financial regulators that is based on sound science, sound financial stewardship and zero politics,” Chairman Clay said.

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  1. Trump's economic progress was paper thin anyway. This just exposes it. The gains over themail past year are gone. The Trproblem Ponzi scheme is imploding.

  2. King of the Carwash

  3. Byron Funkhouser2/27/20, 1:18 PM

    Der Fuhrer said that the market was not falling because of the Corona-virus, but because of the Democratic Debate.

    I don't think he cares ...

  4. Knows which way the wind blows..2/27/20, 1:24 PM

    Doesn't this sound a lot like, a weather forecasters prediction of a huge apocalyptic snow storm! The old hurry up and do this or you're going to die scenario. Does anybody remember how we were going to die because of the SARS or swine flu? For a more personal reference your far more likely to get hit by a car riding a bicycle then you are to die from the flu. Stay fresh Kansas City...
    Moo cow..

  5. Killa Shitty should be more concerned with CORRUPT-A-VIRUS....with seriously debilitating symptoms of....murder momentum, car crippling potholes, burdensome taxes, prison-pipeline public schools, blighty buildings, trash services screw-ups, cash clingy cronies, wrist-slap revolving door for repeat offenders...YOU fill in the blank.


  6. Clever is a stupid son of a bitch....He's worried about the people's money? Screw money it's people that should be the one and only concern! He blasts the White House for contradicting plans???? What is his plan for his district? I didn't see any brainstorm plans laid out by him, as a matter of fact he took the same words from Trump "We need to put politics away right now"???????? What a spineless piece of shit! He's more worried about the economic security.

  7. Why would a socialist worry about the stock market? Aren't all market gains in their mind theft?

  8. ^^ Ok Boomer.

  9. "...your far more likely to get hit by a car riding a bicycle"

    Are you sure about that? I'm struggling to remember the last time I saw a car riding a bicycle.

  10. 1:24: How likely is it that anyone will get hit by a car riding a bicycle?

    Thanks for a good laugh!

  11. The Dow fell another 1200 points today. It looks like when push comes to shove people don't think the stable genius is going to be able to handle this. But Pence does offer his thoughts and prayers.

  12. Reverund Mayor, please sit down and shut up!


  13. As Demosleazeball Rahm Emmanuel said "let no catastrophe go to waste"

    Dems now blaming a world wide outbreak on Prez trump.

  14. Trump's market and reelection chances...



  15. On Wednesday Vaxart inc was 1.37 a share. Today it’s 2.61
    If you know what stocks to look for you can money

  16. Market goes up and goes down and you Trump haters gobble up every word of it when it goes down blaming Trump but then say it was because of Obama it went up. Make up your minds you brain dead delusional assholes.

    The Dow Jones plummets whenever there is a huge worry about the economy. This coronavirus shit is bad and you assholes trying to blame it all on Trump are total assholes who can't and won't face facts. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alexander Azar continued on Thursday to emphasize that "the immediate risk to the American public remains low." For now that might be true and in two weeks just the opposite.

    The Book of Odds once calculated the odds of being hit by a tornado were about 1 in 4.5 million, yet the Greenwood KS County seat, with a population of perhaps 2,500, has now been hit twice in three years. So you can't bank on everything you see or hear.

    It's you Trump haters who want to see willy nilly control of who comes into this country and won't stand for any proper hard core meassues to even protect yourself from harm. You assholes always think it happen to the other person and not you. Well you best wake up and fast.

    As for what Cleaver said, he hasn't had a lucient thought in his life and why should anyone listen to him now?

  17. "Market goes up and goes down and you Trump haters gobble up every word of it when it goes down blaming Trump but then say it was because of Obama it went up. Make up your minds you brain dead delusional assholes."

    And yet Trump has claimed credit for the entire bull market (including the part that happened during Obama's administration). If you claim credit for market gains, don't be surprised when you get blamed for downturns.

    That should be easy to understand--even for a brain dead delusional asshole.

  18. Trumptards today "Cleavers dumb, what the shit does he care about people's money?"

    Trumptards a week ago "How's that 401k, MAGA!!!!"

  19. 4:11. How’s that 401k? It’s about to get better because just like in the past, this is buying opportunity. Look at pharmaceutical companies stock.
    If you are educated in capitalism you know there are highs and lows in economics
    If you’re educated in socialism you don’t see a chance to make money, all they see is doom and gloom

  20. ^^^ you are so god damn stupid and a lost cause. The market is negative for 2 or the last 3 years. You lost money, period. It's because of this incompetent administration and their lack of preparedness to manage anything. But you also pivot and spout the greedy GOP credo of just let pharmaceutical companies gouge the consumer and make me lots of money. Anything to profit off of death and suffering.

    You're proof a fool and his money were lucky enough to get together in the first place.

  21. 4:55 talk about a clueless idiot, it's you no doubt. My 401 looks great.

  22. 4:55 doesn't have a 401 therefore isn't a source of knowledge on the subject. I am very happy with my 401K and Sylvester is correct, there is money to be made if you know how investing works.

  23. Sure Silvestor, because 401Ks let you load up on speculative penny stocks. It's clear you're playing with imaginary investments and Monopoly money.

    In the real world, the rest of us own Boeing, United, American, Delta, SW, Marriott, Hilton, the cruise lines, restaurants, entertainment, transportation, retail, consumer discretionary, and the rest of the global market and indexes. Those are crashing and spooked over Trump's team of incompetents. This crisis exposes what we've been warning about for 3 years.

    Trump is utterly and dangerously unfit for the office.

  24. Anyone bragging about their 401K performance now, doesn't have one. That right 5:44 and 5:51. You are fake news. The market numbers don't lie, but you do.

    Trump's performance is approaching Bush's 2008 financial crisis crash numbers. This week is shaping us as the worst week in market history. Trump will finally be number 1. Bigly.

  25. When trump was first briefed about it he instantly cut off all travel from China. What the fuck else should he do the chinks lied about the shit for TWO FUCKING MONTHS then the cats out of the bag. Wait till the shit really gets a foothold in all the shithole socialist dictatorships around the world they won’t be able to dig mass graves fast enough. Who knows maybe it will kill every scumbag commie socialist on the planet good riddance

  26. The Headlines should Read, Kansas City Missouri opens a World Class HOTEL, AT the start of a Global Depression .

  27. Everything is up to date in Kansas CITY.

  28. 6:02, you are one ignorant slut. You as well know nothing about investing which is par for most people. I took a small hit in 2008 and 2009 but have gain back tenfold since then. In truth my 401k is a better balanced investment that 12 years ago. And doo doo brain there is a silver lining to the downturns: stocks are “on sale.” There are good 401k plans out there and there are some bad ones but I doubt you're a part of the semi low percentage of working class with a 401K

    I doubt you even know the correct balance of your portfolio in relation to your age. But then like I said I doubt you even have one.

    Just another socialist's hype done to scare people into thinking the government must rescue them so they can continue their spendthrift behavior, as well as to promote envy of those that did choose to save. First learn to live within your means, look at yourself in the mirror and ask why do you really need the latest, biggest flat screen, fancy cell phone, cable, a new car every two years, remodeling your house and new furniture every five years, endless vacations, nights on the town every week and on and on. That includes having to have ever bigger houses. My parents lived within their means and we lived well on a lower middle class income of the time. I learned from them to work hard and be frugal, and have saved in Roth IRA, 401(k)'s; I still have furniture from when I was in graduate school almost 40 years ago, works just fine while still in the home we bought in 1985.

  29. ^^^^Some good advice there about living within our means, but also a lot of whistling in the dark regarding the future value of 401(k)s. Not many people have 401(k)s that let them buy bargains, unless you consider mutual funds a bargain.

  30. Put all the coronavirus-infected people inside Revrun Cleaver’s Carwash and hose them down. Use hot wax and Rain X. That’ll kill those nasty germs and make the Rev some dough to pay back his debts.

  31. "I took a small hit in 2008 and 2009 but have gain back tenfold since then."

    Obama says you're welcome.

  32. ^^^It was Obama fault the economy tanked as most of America hated a black president. It was after Obama got out of the White house that folks got their money back. Sorry loser but Obama ruined the shit out of things

  33. ^^^ Whatever, Russian bot. The great recession started and the economy tanked during Bush. Basic facts still exist and matter back here in reality.

    Learn to troll better. At least make your taunt slightly plausible. A racist charge about Obama doesn't convince anyone outside the few geezers posting here.

    Hopefully, those geezers believe the president about this virus being no worse than a cold and go out to personally greet the incoming passengers from international flights and shake has many hands as possible. Maybe we can thin the herd a bit.

  34. Stocks on sale. Haven't hear that in awhile. Nice marketing term for a painful correction.

    How's my 401K?
    Well, we put your stocks sale! 12% off already. We'll have a bear sale soon. 20% off everything.

    Don't vote for Bernie - he will crash the market. You'll be poor.
    Well, not really. You can't think of that way. Your stocks are just on sale. Buy more.

    Alrighty Cramer.


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