TKC Loves You: Kansas City Public Library Celebrates Deadly Habits Of Quitters

Macabre yet apropos link for this day of love. . . The public library talks options for throwing in the towel. Meanwhile the TRUE SKEPTICS FIGHT AGAINST THE DYING OF THE LIGHT and realize that the status quo is maintained by people encouraging others to give up.

With a realization and exception that pain is a horrible thing and deserves mercy, love and understanding. Also, there's nothing wrong with letting nature take it's course in the most desperate situations. Here's mistaken talk about "dignity" to make quitters feel better about themselves . . .

When My Time Comes

Arguments in the divisive right-to-die debate range from legal to spiritual, ethical, and social. Longtime public radio host and podcaster Diane Rehm found her position and voice-in favor of laws allowing the terminally ill to end their lives with medical assistance-with the 2014 death of her husband.


  1. Byron Funkhouser2/15/20, 3:05 PM

    Notice how religion makes people assholes?

    There's a lot of things you don't see objectively because you're Catholic.

    And, that is why you were brainwashed; so you wouldn't see some things objectively.


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