Dr. Evans is respected college professor having published a great many articles on police tactics along with conducting several trainings and teaching sessions. He has earned coverage from local media along with a variety of publications.

Now . . .


Here's the word with evidence, stats and numbers to back it up:

Dr. Ernest Evans Responds To Kansas City Star Editorial On KCPD

"With respect to the Star's editorial today that the KCPD does not need 65 additional officers, they could not be more wrong. The annual KCPD report for 2018, the last annual report available, listed the Department's strength at 1344 officers. The number of officers in the KCPD has been declining since the Ferguson tragedy of August 9, 2014--the 2013 KCPD annual report listed the Department's strength at 1427 officers. 

In the aftermath of the 1968 riot a city commission studied law enforcement needs in the city and concluded that the KCPD should be at 1500 officers. So, the KCPD is seriously below strength--if the city wants to do something to stop the ongoing crime surge we are having the first step is to bring the KCPD up to its proper strength" 

You decide . . .


  1. keeping police numbers down is part of the strategy for a "local control" takeover. The city wants KCPD in the palm o their hands and the newspaper is part of delivering it.

    1. Trump Da IIIrd2/24/20, 4:51 PM

      There aren't 1500 cops working in KC? Sad.

    2. Why should the editorial board care about more police in Kansas City, Missouri? They all live in the suburbs.

  2. Here's the thing. The Star always tries to defend itself by saying, something like: "You just disagree with our opinions and editorials not our journalism. But opinion writing IS journalism.

    The Pulitzer Prize is awarded to opinion writers across the nation.

    Dr. Evans offers a well researched, factual and important opinion but the Star hasn't done that in decades. Of course the Internet and cell phones are probably responsible for the Star's decline but part of it has to be their opinions against police. Ask any resident who has lived in KC longer than 10 year. KCPD needs reinforcements, to deny this show that the Kansas City Star doesn't really know what's happening in this community.

  3. 650 more police wouldn't make a difference. The police don't show up. The police don't leave the stations. The police lie. The police chief is racist. Both police and fire use KC MO as a cash register.

  4. In about five years at this rate all you'll hear is sirens blaring constantly day and night.

  5. ^^^ not sure what part of town you’re in but we hear that now.

  6. We need to spend more money on the streetcar, bike lanes, a downtown stadium, the airport, renaming MLK boulevard, doggy shelters, failing KC schools, etc. Loooooong before we need to spend more money on more police in this dangerous city.

  7. MORE COPS !!! Tired of living in a Metro area where the Darkness controls. Same Headlines every night.

  8. I think the gratuitous reference to 'ferguson' in the opening paragraph is all you need to know about this right-wing know-nothing.


  9. ...since the Ferguson Tragedy... AKA The Ferguson Insurection Against Police Brutality.
    But does the learned Dr. Evans even know what fukn city he's expertly talking about?

  10. Ferguson "Tragedy"? What tragedy? Oh, you mean the punk shoplifter pushing the little storekeeper around. Don't worry. That was handled.

    1. He's probably talking about several businesses burned down and the riot that followed. Try to follow along tough guy.

  11. If you just keep in mind that the Star really doesn't have reporters, and certainly not editorial writers, who are actually expert in much of anything.
    But it doesn't matter to them because they have a NARRATIVE and every story or opinion piece can be twisted and shaped to fit their philosophy of the world.
    Which, in the case of police, that cops are bad racist people who predictably use brutality on regular completely innocent people who are doing nothing at all wrong and that that scenario is especially true with "people of color" and other "marginalized" groups.
    No need for more police, even in a city of just 468,000 people, but one that has half the number of murders as New York, with a population 17 times as large. Year after year.
    And the Star has ZERO responsibility for the outcomes of its recommendations.
    So no need to pay any attention to facts, just follow the bouncing ball of the latest trend from Brooklyn politicians.
    Easy to predict.

  12. Dumb monkeys burnt their own neighborhood making excuses for a Criminal ( aka mr innocent ), Like always.

  13. In 1968, Kansas City was a growing city with a population nearing 500,000 people. The need for more officers was in response to the fears of people who wanted blacks separated from whites.

    In 2020, we have an adequate department for our city. With advances in technology, officers can do more with less. The issue is that the department is not being run as efficiently as possible.

    Let me give you a few examples:

    1. The department has too many sergeants, captains, majors and deputy chiefs that do zero work when it comes to apprehension of criminals. The department should cut the command ranks by half and replace these people with new officers which will add another 100 to the streets.

    2. The majority of special units need cut and those officers need back to the streets to answer calls for service. They can crosstrain others on their specialty and more officers can do minor investigations on their own.

    3. The department needs to allow online incident reporting t reduce the need of officers to have to respond to take a report.

    4. Officers should no longer be sent to EMS calls automatically unless their is an active threat to ambulance crews.

    5. Reserves officers should be hired to sit on people at hospitals, transport of prisoners and to answer basic police calls like burglary, property damage, non-injury accidents.

    6. Officers should not be dispatched to calls involving suicidal subjects or emotionally disturbed people unless their is an active threat to life of another.

    7. Security officers in the city already commissioned by the Police should be allowed to take some reports and issue tickets and summons.

    8. The traffic unit and parking control should be disbanded and their duties delegated to street officers.

    9. Internal affairs should be replaced with a citizen review board.

    The list goes on and one.....

    1. Tl/Dr too long. didn't read.

      Please take the comment and shove it. Most of those suggestions are just dumb. They go on and ONE. Please stay in your trailer and never use the Internet again. If you're mad about this comment. Please look for answers by pulling your head out of your bum.

  14. There's some very good stuff in the post @7:56. It's worth a read just to consider even if you don't agree with all of it. That's the great thing about free speech. You can consider new ideas and then take what you need or can use and leave the rest.

  15. Thank you Dr. Evans. Nice to see someone go on record against the Star, even when they refuse to speak on the record.

  16. @7:56pm
    Lots of good points and ideas listed there.
    Maybe if the members of the police board and the KCMO electeds found the common sense and guts to conduct an actual nationwide search when they're looking for a new chief, someone from outside the current system would be able to take an objective serious look at how things operate and make the necessary changes.
    Constant "promoting from within" just kicks the can down the road.
    Someone who's had his entire career in an organization isn't very likely to make real changes.
    Management 101.

  17. good luck getting any of those worthy suggestions to be considered, comment at 7:56. the police union wouldn't go for any of them and they got their boot on the throat of the KC taxpayer. -radish


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