Monday, February 24, 2020

TKC Confirmed: Kansas City Royals Will, In Fact, Suck 2020

Even fanboys have started to doubt the home team's off-season strategy that mostly focuses on getting a new downtown stadium at taxpayer expense:

It still may be a long time before the Royals contend again

The 2003 season was almost a great year for Royals fandom. A team that shouldn't contend but was in the mix right up until the end. Lima time! It was a blast. A short, small spurt of summer fun in an otherwise endless winter of mediocrity and futility.


Anonymous said...

Yup they will suck same as they sucked last year and guess what, they will suck next year too.

Now the real shocker is going to be how bad the Chiefs will fail this coming season.

Anonymous said...

but 'NOW is the time for a new downtown stadium'.