TKC Challenge: Please Explain How Prez Trump Standing Up For Convicted Felon Makes America Great Again?!?!

Again, another Prez Trump venture from the most powerful bully pulpit the world has ever witnessed resonates for every walk of life and might or might not contradict the "nation of laws" rhetoric politicos enjoy throwing around for the imagined benefit of the powerless plebs.

Moreover and because we think our blog community deserves to be entertained . . .


TKC loves tap dancing and would enjoy watching anybody try to spin this defense of a dude convicted of federal witness tampering & more . . . Seriously, we've got an open mind on this one but it's not out of line to say that this isn't a good look right out of the gate and whilst the Prez has MILLIONS of fans . . . Even the most diehard mainstream Conservative won't tolerate being within smelling distance of Roger Stone.

TO BE FAIR, tried to find links from "many sides" of the debate and we're also sharing some of the Prez's greatest hits reported from friendly news outlets but the vast majority of the right-wing seems to be politely ignoring this one whilst Democratic Party loyalists unleash their typical impotent outrage . . .

Prez Trump Pushes Limits

Trump's Roger Stone power play reveals a presidency unleashed

By bulldozing into Roger Stone's sentencing, Donald Trump sparked a mutiny by four career prosecutors, raised fears about the impartial administration of justice and showed how his impeachment acquittal unchained an already rampant presidency.

DOJ Double Take

DoJ To 'Revise' Sentencing Request For Roger Stone Following Trump Tweet

subscribe to The NPR Politics Podcast podcast The Justice Department plans to revise its recommendations for sentencing in the case of political consultant Roger Stone following a tweet about it by President Trump on Tuesday. Officials at the Justice Department's headquarters in Washington were "shocked" when they saw on Monday night that the U.S.

Rachel Maddow Is MAD!!!

Trump interference in Stone case triggers 'rule of law emergency'

Rachel Maddow reports on the DOJ overruling of the front line prosecutors in the Roger Stone case after a complaint by Donald Trump that led to the prosecutors quitting the case in what is seen as political influence by way of Bill Barr.

New Project For Speaker Nancy

Pelosi calls for investigation into Roger Stone sentencing recommendation

House Speaker (D-Calif) in a tweet Tuesday night accused of engaging in "political interference in the sentencing of , " and called for an investigation into the Department of Justice (DOJ). Pelosi also commended the four prosecutors who quit Stone's case Tuesday after the DOJ asked for a lighter sentence than what they had recommended.

Prez Trump Tweet Storm Cont'd

Trump taunts Roger Stone prosecutors who 'cut and ran' from case

President Trump sounded off on Twitter on the four Justice Department (DOJ) attorneys who quit the Roger Stone case on Tuesday and accused them of cutting and running for political reasons. Trump asked if the lawyers were loyal to former special counsel Robert Mueller and said Stone's case was the offshoot of an illegal investigation.

And Now A Word From Hillary

Hillary Clinton compares Trump to a 'fascist' after he lashed out at a federal judge on Twitter over Roger Stone's case

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is engaged in a war of words with President Donald Trump on Twitter over the sentencing of his longtime ally Roger Stone. Federal prosecutors recommended a seven to nine-year sentence for Stone on Monday, which Trump derided on Twitter as "a horrible and very unfair situation."

Dems Uncertain

Democrats struggle to counter a post-impeachment Trump

Yet so far, Democrats are offering an unsettled array of responses that a post-impeachment Congress can take to rein in Trump or highlight alleged transgressions by the president. Some are calling for new investigations and attempts at traditional congressional oversight. Others are suggesting that Democrats could withhold appropriations from key agencies to get answers to their investigative inquiries.

Hot Talk Overview

Jennifer Granholm Blasts Trump Pressuring DOJ on Roger Stone

A CNN panel that featured former Midwest governors Jennifer Granholm and John Kasich tore into President Donald Trump for his transparently crude attempts at pressuring the Justice Department into reducing the sentence of his longtime confidante and now convicted felon, Roger Stone.

GOP Pushed Back

Republican senators shredded after Trump team strong-arms prosecutors on Stone: 'You made this possible'

It has been one of the worst days for the Justice Department in history, one CNN commentator said, as prosecutors in the Roger Stone case lined up to resign from the case. The move came after being undermined by Attorney General Bill Barr and President Donald Trump.

Probably, Hopefully Not

Did Donald Trump Just Get Roger Stone's Prison Sentence Reduced?

On Tuesday, four federal prosecutors withdrew from a high-profile case, and one resigned his position, after senior Justice Department officials overruled them and recommended that Roger Stone-a longtime friend and former campaign adviser of President Trump's-receive a lesser prison sentence.

AG Takes Over

Trump congratulates Barr on 'taking charge' of Roger Stone case, says it 'was totally out of control'

President Trump offered "congratulations" to Attorney General Bill Barr after the Justice Department submitted an amended filing in Roger Stone's criminal case seeking a lighter sentence for the former Trump campaign adviser than prosecutors first recommended -- a move that comes as Democrats accuse the White House of politicizing the DOJ and career prosecutors are withdrawing from the case in apparent protest.


Exuberant Trump Piles On Roger Stone Debacle, Attacks Judge And Ex-Prosecutors In Stone's Case

Over the past 24 hours, President Donald Trump has been gleefully piling on the aftermath of the Justice Department's astonishing reversal of federal prosecutors' recommended prison sentence of Roger Stone.

Developing . . .


  1. just a distraction to keep the wars going. But you already knew that.

  2. Typical thuggish behaviour from a thuggish president. There is no defense for Roger Stone, but it will be fun to watch the "law and order" set on here try to defend it. Remember everyone, Roger Stone is one of the witches caught in the witch hunt.

  3. Purgery one was charged or convicted for russia russia hoax.

    1. Entrapment is when the FBI encourages the crime. Stone volunteered eagerly.

  4. I'm sure some idiot like chuck will spin this as "deep-state" conspiracy to frame Roger Stone. Trumpkins and their conspiracy theories. They will overlook anything that makes their cult leader look bad. It's always someone else's fault.

    1. 5 dimensional chess from an arrogant dolt who thinks Concord MA is in KS.

  5. I think the president's defense was that it was a politically motivated prosecution. That might absolve Stone of everything but witness tampering. Didn't he threaten some guy's poodle? In reality, I think the President might have made things worse for everyone involved. Time for him to put the phone down.

  6. If the president does step in and pardon Stone, I'm quite sure the Southern District of New York will be ready when he walks out of prison to arrest him on state charges. Those DOJ prosecutors who resigned yesterday will make certain to slap back at Barr & Trump. You can make book on that. Stone is going to jail.

  7. The indictment alleged that Stone “spoke to senior Trump Campaign officials” about WikiLeaks and information it might have that would be damaging to the Clinton campaign, and that Trump campaign officials contacted Stone to inquire about future releases by WikiLeaks.

    However, the indictment does not show that Stone or anyone from the Trump campaign colluded or conspired with Russia on hacking, stealing, or releasing emails.

    “The documents don’t spell out a clear connection between the Trump campaign and Russia,” FiveThirtyEight reported Friday.

    The indictment also does not show that Stone or anyone from the Trump campaign ever had direct communications with WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange.

    “The indictment does not allege that Stone had any direct communications with Assange, nor does it allege that Stone or anyone else at the Trump campaign had any direct communications with Assange or any foreknowledge of actions that WikiLeaks took,” the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York wrote.

    Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said Mueller’s Stone indictment is “typical” in that he found crimes committed as a result of the investigation, rather than any crime related to “collusion.”

    “[T]hese are crimes that are generated by the investigation — it doesn’t make them any less criminal, but it really means there has been a failure to uncover the basic crimes for which he was appointed, namely, before he was appointed, was there illegal collusion, illegal conspiracy with Russia? We don’t find that,” he said Friday on Fox News.

    He said the reasoning behind arresting people like Stone and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is to “try to get people to sing” against the real target of the investigation — President Trump."

    7:54 Here it is, get busy floggin your dolphin you Fascist puke. - 9 fuckin years for "Process Crimes"????????

    If you are so obtuse, ignorant and myopic, as to not see the machinations of the Deep State forces aligned against Trump in this grotesque, sickening, Fascist like arrest -

    (Swat Teams, CNN, dogs, automatic weapons, 4:30 in the morning - if this arrest isn't Kristallnacht, than Nancy Pelosi doesn't have a twitch and Adam Schiff cut down the Cherry Tree.)

    - indictment and persecution..., er...., prosecution then you are flipper baby moron who is drooling into your crotch.

    9 Fuckin years?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Child sexual abuse 3 years
    2nd degree murder 5.9 years.
    Kidnapping 4.3 years
    Manslaughter, 9 years - you know, like that 66 year old killer, Roger Stone.

    It's sick.

    He lied about a conversation under oath about a Russian Collusion lie.

    Fuck off.

    1. And yet you are happy about Trump's political prosecution of Assange for journalism that was inconvenient to the deep state.

      Chuck you are a just perverted cheerleader for the deep state faction with slightly different priorities than the mainstream.

  8. Politically motivated case - entirely. Imagine every aspect of your life being under the intense scrutiny of the federal government? Dozens of lawyers without any limitation of resources pouring over every statement you've made to try and catch you in some kind of lie, mix-up, mistake, or ambiguity in order to get you to "flip".

    Everyone that was arrested/charged in the Russia investigation were all under max pressure in an attempt to get that "flip" - the "magic bullet" - to and prove a case that wasn't there. Was Cohen a tax cheat? Yep - but it probably never would have come to light unless the Russia investigation. Did Flynn not disclose lobbying contacts? Nope - but it never would have come to light unless of the Russia investigation. Was Manafort a tax cheat? Yep - but it never would have come to light unless of the Russia investigation. Did others plead guilty to making false comments to investigators? Yes - and if you were given the option of pleading guilty or face financial ruin and the loss of freedom for a dozen years you may have plead guilty too.

  9. I think Chuck makes a lot of sense and the quotes he uses are on the money but I think this headline also deserves some consideration:

    Roger Stone threatened to steal a therapy dog and told an associate to do a ‘Frank Pentangeli’ in alleged witness tampering cited by Mueller.

  10. 8:15 dead on the money - but you missed the fact, that people like the Podesta's get NO scrutiny.

    There is a tangible, in your fuckin face, two tiered justice system that lets guys like James Wolfe off with 2 months in jail and sends Manafort to jail for the rest of his life.

    It's sick

  11. Bernie Sanders stands up for Lenin and Trotsky. So there's that.

  12. Just as predicted, chuck the cuck shows up to dispute the facts. Chuckie cheese love him some of that Trump mushroom dick. Keep sucking it chuckie, your posts are becoming more and more desperate daily.

    1. Looks like you're still obsessed with Trump's penis. How weird.

  13. 8:23 Good point.

    Roger Stone is an over the top blow hard in need of correction.

    But, 8:15 is right. 9 fuckin years!!!!! This is a political assassination effected by agents of the Deep State, in league with the DNC and the MSM.

    Remember, they are all, on the same team and they will literally put you to death if you get in their way.

  14. ^^^^And from what Stormy Daniels says, that would be like being obsessed with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Weird.

  15. Stone is a political prisoner.

    Not even a tiny threat to society. They say he LIED... probably more likely he didn't remember and did his best to recall and missed. Since when did CONGRESS become the judge and jury??

    Stone was under tremendous stress after he and his wife were invaded by a hoard of highly armed law enforcement in the early morning hours coming into their bedroom and he saw his entire life he has worked so hard for, going down into the toilet of the liberal mafia abuse of power.

    He's an elderly man trying to help the man he thought would be good for the country, NO malice, no harm and needs to be completely exonerated and reimbursed for all he's lost simply because he was on the Trump team. Hillary runs free though she destroyed evidence that was under subpoena and lied consistently to everyone including the FBI and THEY COVERED FOR HER!!! That's the new justice in America?? What letter you have after your name? REALLY??

    This isn't how America works. This is what will destroy America. DON'T LET COMMUNISM HAPPEN!
    VOTE POTUS TRUMP2020 and stay FREE!

  16. Roger Stone, "Gaydar" is going off....

  17. You obviously have no fucking idea what you are talking about. What a dumb fuck column heading..

  18. chuck...Stone also threatened the judge by the way, but I guess in your world that's OK, and he shouldn't be punished for that?????

  19. Byron Funkhouser2/12/20, 9:03 AM

    "This is a political assassination effected by agents of the Deep State, in league with the DNC and the MSM."

    No, it isn't.

    There is no Deep State, you crazy bitch.

  20. 8:49 Read much?

    Here, read Chuck's 8:27 comment. But the truth is is that judge was a partisan democrap hack who never let stone defend himself in the media while the media crucified him everyday. i wud nbe pised too.

  21. .....ever see the 'tat' on his back?
    ......a real SHITHEAD.
    .......look it up.

    1. ^^Nope, 9:23. But, you see it often when you go "brokeback mounting" on bLIEron! Eeww!

  22. It's funny how the trumpturds cry for law and order, but are willing to absolve a convicted felon who openly threatens a federal judge. There is no end to their debasement. These pukes would kill their spouses if their cult leader asked them to. I love watching them come on here and debase themselves in the name of their tiny-dicked, obese, lying, dementia-addled, denture-wearing, clown makeup-addicted, bankrupt, moron. Hilarious!

    1. Oh, Hilly-humper @10:20, you really are Hilarious!

      It's funny how the Cunt-tongue cult would Arkycide themselves if the porky-in-a-polyester-pantsuit, thick dizzy specs wearer, Depends diapered, sniper-fire dodger, classified documents destroyer, family foundation fraudster, badboy Billy enabler, Chelsea Hubble schemer, TWO TIME KO'd Prez candidate LOSER!!!

    2. ^^...would Arkycide themselves "FOR" the porky...^^

  23. Barry had quite the baddies buds list he let go, too!!!2/12/20, 10:33 AM

    Check the long list of murderers, tax evaders, bank fraudsters, terrorists, thieves, sex traffickers, and narco trades criminals THAT BILLY JEFF PARDONED. In 1999, he commuted the sentences of 16 FALN members. FALN, a clandestine paramilitary faction that was based in Peurto Rico, was charged with setting off 120-130 bombs/explosives in Chicago, DC, NYC. The bomb at Fraunces Tavern in NY killed four patrons. The Clinton Crime Family friend Marc Rich (born Marcello Reich) makes Roger Stone look like Mister Rogers!!!

  24. ^^No @10:33AM. Because "Billy Jeff" is not the president, nor has he been in decades. What you're doing geezer is called "Whataboutism" and it's the last crutch of the intellectually challenged. Move into the now geezer, or do us all a favor and "go into the light" You're arguments are as useless as you appear to be.

  25. @7:54 Maria Butina was, but she was released early from her three years sentence by the Barr (in)Justice Department and rushed out of the Country to vanish into Russia.
    She also pled guilty to funneling hundreds of millions of Russian money through the NRA and into the Trump Campaign, but of course nobody in the Campaign knew anything at all about that.

  26. Chuck is obviously sick in the head, but to compare Roger Stone's situation to Kristallnacht is beyond the pale.

  27. 10:50 Obviously has no idea what it is talking about.

    11:04 Really? Did, or did not, agents of NAZI Germany show up in the middle of the night and roust people out of their sleep and prosecute - Break Butterflies On Wheels - them in Star Chamber like courts?

    There is a definite comparison - unless of course, you support the Totalitarian Fascists that actually run our country from cubicles deep within the bureaucracy.

    Go suck on Vindeman's hand down.

  28. Cuck, Kristallnacht was a pogrom. Jews were targeted for violence simply because they were Jews, not because of anything any one individual did.

    Stone, on the other hand, is a common crook, and was arrested by the police in the manner that conservative US Supreme Court justices prescribed.

    Pull your sick head out of your ass once in a while. Seriously, you are deranged. Have a lovely day.

  29. 9:26 No.

    I agree with you on that. Assange IS being persecuted.

  30. 11:28 The analogy is valid.

    You can pretend your bicycle makes noises like a Harley and goes 100mph, but, in the end, it is a Schwinn and goes 15mph.

    It is what it is.

  31. Chuck smoked a bunch of pansies today with cold hard facts and as usual, the soy boys including shithouser got their fantasies slammed in their faces, damn you sissies can’t handle the truth.

  32. What they have done with the DOJ is criminal. If they can go after trump and his buddies on “Trumped” up bullshit. The average guy won’t stand a chance

  33. Average sentence for rape is 4 years. Average sentence for robbery is 3 years. This sentence for Stone is ridiculous.

  34. ^^and yet he threatened a sitting federal judge but because he's a trumpkin, we should just look past that. Right. Go away chump. You played yourself.

  35. 1:22 It was a photoshopped internet picture. STFU!

  36. ^^Huh? It doesn't work that way retard. Now blow me.

  37. All Presidents do it and you all have friends that are convicted felons and or you are / married to one or your kids /parents are. Correct ? Fuck yes. People always trying to link shit that isn't much. John wayne Gacy still hanging with Carter ? A picture with a person that meant nothing to Carter.. follow the lead.

  38. ^^^No, but he'll be hanging out with Rush Limbaugh soon.

  39. These comments are why Trump will lose big in November. This shit doesn't play to real Americans. Remember Trump lost the popular vote to a despised candidate. He has done nothing to gain any new followers. He has flouted the law at every turn and the American people have had enough. Not you dopes of course, because you're not real Americans. You're traitorous sycophants. You will be purged for the good of the country come election time.

  40. ^^^LOL..Trump still YUUUGE favorite on betting sites --determined by where people actually put their money down.. (not just yappin').

    President Trump -165
    Crazy bernie +380
    Oy Vey Bloomie +675
    Pete Buttplug +1700

  41. ^^Just like Hilary was a mere four years ago. Weird.

  42. Apparently, liberals have short memories and don't remember when Clinton pardoned his hedge fund fuitive pal, Marc Rich or the hundreds
    of criminals serving life sentences that Obama pardoned.

  43. 3:23 ..urrmm..actually, your 538 site had Hillary the YUUGE favorite..betting sites were close.

    BTW - her name's "Hillary" ..with TWO Ls

  44. Fox News and the fake reality they have people believing made this possible. This is called Propaganda. It also worked in Germany in the 1930's.
    The Koch Brothers and their kind backed this and at the end of the day, it is all about the money.


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