Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Fun fact that hasn't been unnoticed by the growing subculture of Kansas City stoners . . .


Accordingly, Kansas City is in the midst of a weed renaissance that has been sanctioned by voters and elected officials.

Just a quick bit of background:

In 2018, Missouri voted to legalize medical marijuana and there's now a growing effort to not only sanction recreational weed but also expunge penalties for recent weed busts.

The Jackson County Prosecutor says she won't be working to enforce most minor marijuana infractions.

And, as TKC REPORTED FIRST . . . Mayor Quinton Lucas is now touting KCMO marijuana pardon.

Here's his public social media post on the topic that reached more people than most local news reports:

"As I previewed in my State of the City Address last week, I just launched my Mayoral Municipal Marijuana Pardon Initiative. Any Kansas Citian with a non-violent municipal marijuana conviction is eligible to apply at

"I see this as us giving folks a second chance, and us making sure that folks aren’t sustaining harm long-term for something society has largely now said is acceptable. We’ll continue our work to remove barriers and help give those in our community better opportunities to succeed."

However, physics roughly informs us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Accordingly . . .


This isn't exactly top secret stuff given that the local weed subculture is pretty good noticing increased police surveillance. Also, whilst stoners are paranoid they're not always stupid . . . Or constantly snarky Like TKC -- Our reply to this tidbit was OF COURSE agreement that refraining from weed smoking is always a good idea along with confirmation that the earth is flat, birds aren't real and bat soup is a cure-all.

Moreover and more seriously . . .

The KCPD Top Cop is on record for his opposition against marijuana clemency and the path toward legalization. KCPD Chief Smith has linked the weed trade with local violence and has vowed to keep enforcing laws prohibiting illicit use and distribution of cannabis.

And so Kansas City stands at a weed crossroads.

Law enforcement can stand down and seem powerless in the face of changing laws. That would suit many activists but this is an election year after all.

And so we share just a bit of free health advice . . .


Hopefully, what we'll see and what we also expect is a strongly worded letter challenging Mayor Lucas and this controversial policy move but there's no denying that fear of a KCMO weed sweep is spreading.

At the very least, it's not so controversial to remind our blog community that smoking weed remains a risky practice with minimal payoff as the sordid politics of power moves continue to arise in 2020.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Marijuana busts are a waste of time. Bernie will remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. End of story. Why ruin people's lives?

Reason KC said...

^^^ Maybe because it's still AGAINST THE LAW!

And Bernie might not win.

Anonymous said...

This is why I'm voting for Biden. He promises to not be Trump and do NOTHING. Best campaign platform I've seen so far.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^At this point, that's an asinine argument.

Marijuana was made illegal so federal authorities, & local exploiters of labor, could have a tool to threaten Latino's; just like they use immigration "laws", now.

Fundamental question: Is this a "free" country, or not.

It's not free, just because you say it's free, it's free if the people can live without fear of the government, & their official & unofficial goons.

This "crackdown" would actually be a crackdown on freedom, for no damn reason.

chuck said...

Well..., if morons like George Bush, Dick Cheney and John Bolton were high on the Bubonic Chronic, or Reefer McIntyre instead of dreaming up ways to convince the hearts and minds of Stone Age, dumb-ass, 3rd world aboriginals that they needed to buy Chevy Pick Ups and listen to pop radio then we would be about 15 trillion dollars better off.

In fact, if the entire crew on the stage tonight for the Democrat Primary Debate were as stoned as pre-rehab Robert Downey and didn't sound like pre-cancer Morton Downey, they might actually have a chance of getting elected.

I stay off of the Pineapple Express, it makes Johnny a dull boy, but, for some, it is a welcome antidote to the reality that is a life of desperation.

It can't be any worse than Whiskey.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you're still a dull boy. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Second chance? So this means after the first offense they'll serve jail time?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is such a big deal for him because he is on the list. Or maybe his mama is on it.

Anonymous said...

Watch the documentary "Reefer Madness" if you want to know how bad weed is.

chuck said...

11:38 The very definition of dull, is repetition in lieu of creativity.

You are the personification of a predictable, flat-liner whose IQ resembles that of a post lobotomized squirrel.

It just is what it is.

Anonymous said...

The die has been cast, it's going to be legalized in the whole country. This is just the parties with a vested interest in keeping it illegal reenacting Custer's last stand.

Anonymous said...

Chuck-that's really rich coming from you. "The very definition of dull, is repetition in lieu of creativity." You regurgitate the same, asinine tropes ad infinitum, ad litem. "America wants you dead white boy," "de facto Obama brownshirts", "deep state" "flipper-baby" etc. It just is what it is indeed. Fucking tool.

Super Dave said...

The real issue is making weed legal or not isn't going to change a whole lot of things. You still can't smoke it all day while at work and you can't drive while high on your own supply. You're still subject to being busted for DUI and making weed legal will raise the number of inhabited drivers on the roads. Take a piss test at work and fail you're probably gonna be fired. I have said for years make it legal but so many appear to think by doing so it can now be partyville all the time. Partyville it won't be. Illegal drinking spirits will get you jail time and illegally grown non taxed weed will get you in jail as well.

So do we take the tax equation out of the picture? Some seem to think so but they more than likely are those who want to eliminate all taxes but bitch when there are no freebies to hand out. Liquor taxes are good and a part of keeping some control on the issue and not getting bottles of stuff at the liquor store that puts you in a coma if you sip 2 oz of it. The same will have to be done with weed.

I think weed should be legal but only sold from controlled growing environments by licensed growers where the plants are not covered with chemicals or laced with other chemicals to give a more powerful high to people. The plants are then graded and sold much like tobacco is or was.

The world has enough Zombies walking around in it and we need to be careful that making something legal does not simply increase the number of walking high all the time. I honestly think it can be regulated and controlled where all will benefit from it. But I don't think the price will be cheaper and in fact think the costs will go up and the flow of illegal weed will increase and that increase will be controlled by the criminal based elements.

Should you be allowed to grow your own? I guess so, you can do some minor home brewing in most areas but many and oh yes I know a few who do grow their own but admit the quality of it isn't the best.

Making it legal isn't an easy issue to deal with in the end and it isn't going to be for the good of all. People can't control their sugar intake now and along with bad eating habits makes people overweight. Now add the stoned, high sugar intake and bad eating habits people to the mix and our percentage of obese people will skyrocket.

Making weed legal will just be another legal introduction to society that will do more damage than good in the end. Who ever thought something like a cell phone would divide people, and make them so dependent on such a device? Make weed legal and it will more than likely have that same effect.

So can weed be made legal and today's society be responsible enough to use it correctly?

Tells is like it is said...

I don't give a shit if they smoke it or shove it up their ass. The problem is that real stoners cause problems like in LA, and everyone else is forced to deal with their useless shit. They contribute nothing, yet they demand social services for which non-stoners have to pay. This thing will turn out to be another nail in this country's leftist coffin, and a massive shit-storm for everyone but the potheads. Mayor selfie needs to work on infrastructure to make this shitty more livable, instead of worrying about these non-productive pricks. There is a huge amount of money up for grabs here, so I don't expect anything other than even more corruption from this democrapic run city, as usual. Whatta you think weird chimpy? Let us know from your basement headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, if you used marijuana, it would only increase your psychosis tenfold.

So don't.

chuck said...

"America wants you dead white boy," "de facto Obama brownshirts", "deep state" "flipper-baby".

The new America does want white people dead and those anti-fa pukes in the street, are, in fact, de-facto brown shirt violent Fascist scum.

Here pajama boy - something new for you to get triggered about.

All of your heroes on the stage tonight, but, only two really count.

Have a few laughs on me pussy.

The Beverly Hillarybillys

Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Bernie,
Poor Commie whiner who never, never learnie,
Then one day he was on the stage with Mike
Americans aghast, we might elect a kike!

Mazel Tov, Meshegguneh

Bernie's pretty pissed cause Mikes a billionaire,
His mom and dad say, Bernie get away from there,
Get back in our basement, that's where ya wanna be,
But Bernie took a stand and he's the nominee!

Green New Deal, Bankruptcy.

Now Bernie runs the show and he knows where to go,
He heads out west to hang out with the best,
While America's on fire, he packs up and flees,
He packed all his shit and moved to Beverly.

Bread lines, soup kitchens.

One thing we learned, don't electa a whacka,
As bad as it is, you're better off with a crakka
Or maybe betta yet, a crakka with a tan
We can all pretend, that he is Mexican.

Great restaurants, hot Latina chicks

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden: I prefer Captain Crunch.

Bernie Sanders: I will take your cannibis and give it to someone wbo doesn't have cannibis.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the "and yet" guy can touch that Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Great points Super Dave!

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1) Why isn't chuck at work?

2) Who gives a fuck what stupid dave thinks?

Anonymous said...

^^Oh that's easy 1:47, unlike you that are not losers.

Anonymous said...

1:47 is also the OK Boomer guy, so yes who cares what he thinks or says. I can deal with mistakes and those who are misinformed, but I can't deal with your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

^^and you're stupid dave. IP address-remember?

Anonymous said...

^^^I have no idea who you are, but your comment is as lame as they come. You don't know anybody's IP address on here. Since I'm a betting man, I"ll wager you don't even know how to find your own IP address which is something you could do.

Anonymous said...

Only Tony, and Blogger/Google can see the IP addresses in here. 1:59 is full of crap people and is a troll so ignore them To bad Blogger won't allow us to block certain people on here like so many other discussion and social media sites do so we could eliminate this troll.

Anonymous said...

When the dipshits about argue for pot. Not realizing the majority of murders and violent crime are (drum roll) pot related. Only because they have spent more of their lives blabbing than learning. Legalization will not save society from crime. Look up alcohol for reference #1.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Lucas is a STONER

Anonymous said...

Opening up marijuana use poses a free will problem. Yes, people should be free to fuck themselves up as much as they want and enjoy the high, but with an ever increasing nanny state, they will end up billing the public treasury for their profligacy.

People don't have to internalize the cost of their decisions when other people subsidize their irresponsibility.

Anonymous said...

Yea @2:29, I agree! I wish we could black chuck and stupid dave so we wouldn't be subjected to their racist stupidity. Can you see what we can do about that? Those are two trolls who need to go!

Anonymous said...

^^Look what dope does to your mind.

Anonymous said...

Blocking Posts via IP address is useless. They can change IP address with a VPN.

Anonymous said...

I agree, we should look into blocking stupor dave and chuck.

Anonymous said...

If people want to be potheads, that's their choice. But we should not legalize it until someone develops a reliable way to test for driving while MJ impaired.

Anonymous said...

The “and yet” guy sucks a lot of cock. And yet he likes it.

Anonymous said...

Pardons for weeds? Shameful.

If those pardons were issued for white collar crimes that involved millions of dollars to unrepentant swamp cronies that made big political donations, it would A-OK!

Anonymous said...

1:00, 1:47, 1:59 3:13, and 3:51 is same tired troll we all dislike. Claiming to be offended is a great way to elevate yourself at the expense of others: “Look at me! I'm a much better person than you! And I judge you! I condemn you! Shame! Shame! SHAME! I shame you for being a bad person. That means I'm a good person! Look at how really really offended I am! That means I'm a really really good person!

According to the bible, Jesus said "let he who is without sin throw the first rock." But a lot of people seem to think he said: "If you throw rocks at someone else, it proves that you're without sin.”

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Bloomborg has that dope seed planted.