Tuesday, February 25, 2020


His light rail transit petitions have been continually ignored and now Clay Chastain is fulfilling a promise to push back against public officials at 12th & Oak.



A photo send our way on the topic along with just a bit of insider commentary . . .

"Clay Chastain is here to recall mayor Lucas and Councilwoman Shields . . . Needless to say, there's never a dull moment."

Absolutely correct.

And before we write off this activist like so many in the mainstream media. Let's not forget that this GOP Congressional candidate is the only person to ever win a citywide vote on rail transit AND he has easily achieved bigger petition thresholds during his career as a municipal gadfly.

Local media, feel free to use this photo but give credit to our TKC blog community, please.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Good for Clay. He warned them about this time and time again, the way the kept on putting him off was out of line. I think his petition should have been at least considered.

Save MLK said...

^^^ It was considered and rejected. There was no funding mechanism and it was not a valid petition. Very much like the "Save The Paseo" petition.

They should look at what happened to Clay when they get too arrogant about their so-called victory.

Anonymous said...

Clay's going right after the top dog in the city!
The person who actually "runs" the town.
And he's even going after Lucas, too!
Any selfies of the filing?

Ren said...

^^^ Clay needs to brush up his selfie game. Even if I take him more seriously for not doing so.

Anonymous said...

Good for Clay. Now you IDIOTS need to get out and sign his petition. Take a look at what is going on and for once do the right thing. Put a stop to this BS paying for the big business developers on your tax dollars while the rest of the city has holes in the road to say the least, and think about your progressive GO Bond rip off.

Blond Watermelon said...

I'm sure he'll be out trying to score with the babes as he gathers signatures, like every other time.

Anonymous said...

Chastain says he is sorry

Union Station activist sought dates with signers of his petitions.


Clay Chastain apologized Monday for calling some women who signed his petitions and asking them for dates.

Holding a balloon that pictured a teddy bear and the words "I'm sorry," Chastain also acknowledged that he now understood that the descriptions of the women, which he wrote in the margins of his petitions, were offensive.

"I apologize to all the ladies of Kansas City, " Chastain said. "I'm not making excuses. I'm apologizing for inappropriate behavior."

A Kansas City political scientist said Chastain's apology didn't go far enough. He said Chastain had broken the public trust involving a civic institution - the initiative petition process, which citizens use to bypass government officials.

"As a citizen, I felt violated, and I'm outraged by his conduct," said Frank J. Smist Jr., chairman of the political science department at Rockhurst College. "He owes an apology to everyone, not just women. He's done a lot of damage."

Anne Nattinger, who signed one of the petitions, said she felt betrayed that Chastain was using the process to further his social life.

"I'm really disappointed. I signed the petition, and I felt proud I was part of the cause," Nattinger said. "I don't think any woman who has seen this will ever sign another one."

Nattinger said the notation "short cute yes" next to her name made her feel "creepy." She said Chastain should be stopped from doing petitions in the future "if he's going to be using it for a dating service."

Nattinger said she was not called, as some petitioners were.

For much of the 1990s, Chastain has circulated petitions in Westport and Brookside calling for public votes on various plans to renovate Union Station and the Liberty Memorial. His most recent drive concluded last week. In addition to his civic activism, Chastain has worked as an electrical engineer and a home remodeler.

On Sunday, The Kansas City Star reported that Chastain used the personal information to look up phone numbers and ask women out.

The Star also found 54 notations written on Chastain's petitions. They ranged from a star next to a woman's name to physical attributes, such as "tall blond," "pretty chunky blond," "blond bomb," "short cute," "beautiful hair," "small body," and "shook my hand, freckles."

Chastain explained one notation, "blond watermelon," as a reminder of what the woman was carrying from a grocery.

"That was not meant to be (sexually) suggestive," he said.

No such descriptions appeared beside the names of men who signed.

Chastain said Monday that the descriptions were spontaneous notes jotted down in the stress and weariness of grueling petition drives. "Maybe I was out in the sun too long, " he said. Chastain appeared to blame his predicament on city officials, who stalled three previous petition efforts with legal wrangling and appeals.

"The corrupt city of Kansas City has forced me for the last five years to do petition drive after petition drive after petition drive to get the right to vote, and, yes, this has hurt my social life," he said. "And when I've been on the petition trail I have asked a few women outand a few women have asked me out. I'm not going to apologize for liking women."

Anonymous said...

So far, I like Mayor Lucas. He is a good speaker and represents the City in a professional manner. I actually have seen police patrolling the streets to deter crime.

Pothole Czar position was not well-thought out from a perception basis but had good intentions. Firing the Public Works Director and telling his / her replacement that 90 % of the potholes need to be filled by April 30 would be a good start.

Mo Rage said...

This guy needs to go away and badly.


Anonymous said...

Save the Paseo was valid, as was the vote. Now change the damn signs!

Anonymous said...


Though many laughed when Chastain launched his recall petitions against Lucas and Shields, when a scandal and health concerns forced them both from office, he was the one laughing hardest!!!

Anonymous said...

That's all you go on Clay? Articles from the 90s? Too bad. Seems like he has some legitimate complaints that need to be heard! Last time I checked, Kansas City was a Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Kansas City, its owned and run by the New Mob (long history of that here in this city) in the current climate the "MOB", is the Fire Union, The Fire service, The Police Union, and Ironically the Prosecutors Union who happens to be apart of the Fire Union....you voters have no clue the corruption in your city, yet you wonder why your potholes are not filled!!! Some dumb ass voters live in KCMO!!!

Anonymous said...

"This guy needs to go away and badly."

Practice what you preach Mo Rage.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Go Clay ! Maybe he can get something done. You have to admire his persistence. I can't wait to sign his petition.

Anonymous said...

To you clay hater in least he's actually doing something for the city that the politicians are not doing. Bringing up old news about Clay is this show you how pretty you really are and you need to get a life.the old news is that you keep hitting on clay for things he did bad but how about all the good things he's done for this city trying to move it forward.all I can say to you play haters get back on your f****** meds.

Anonymous said...

Recall Reed!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shields does need to go ! Is there a committee this cow isnt on. Her and bike walk sure are best buddies

Anonymous said...

The headline is wrong. Kathryn Shields is the mayor. Lucas is "Mayor Selfie".

Anonymous said...

get him to run for president like everybody else and leave kc alone.


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