The Oscars As Seen From Kansas City

The ranting of some chubby, short mostly unfunny Brit-creep seems to inspire renewed interest in Hollywood for so many Conservatives who, curiously, spend a great deal of time talking about the irrelevance of the multi-billion-dollar American entertainment industry.

Still, the morning after, we consider to political angles of the glitzy affair . . . 

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Now a word from a comment fave . . .

Chuck: The Ghost of Ricky Gervais dominates the Oscars.

Ricky Gervais fired a shot across Hollywood's bow prior to the Oscars with some much needed hilarity intended to puncture the pomposity of the "Usual Suspects".

"“I can’t wait to hear all your inspirational speeches about equality, and it’s great that the 3 hours you’re here tonight is the only time your badly paid migrant house staff will get some time off to sleep this week”.

Sure there were a few political comments last night, but compared to the usual virtue signalling, slathered in obscure collections of victimization claptrap, this was downright subdued. Brad Pitt made a crack about Impeachment that would have brought the house to it's feet last year, but garnered nary a clap last night. Joaquin Phoenix is mad at cows, or, something..., and, no one can sing. I'll get back to that.

Ricky's Golden Globes evisceration of the sanctimonious, self satisfied, holier-than-thou crowd in Hollywood has set limits on the previously prevailing Weltanshauung that so dominated that landscape as to make it unpalatable to so many in "flyover" country.

The room was packed full of frustrated wanna be politicians, biting their tongues and knowing, that perhaps, it was time to return to their real jobs, pretending to be other people.

The entertainment was off key. Literally. In no way do I pretend to have perfect pitch, but the artists missed notes all night long, again and again. In 2015, Lady Gaga sang "The Sound Of Music" at the Oscars. She took 6 months to practice and she soared. She hit every note, she was magnificent. Last night, after Janelle Monae missed note after note in her open she let us know that she was "Celebrating being a black queer artist telling stories." Okay, I get it, play to the crowd and check all the boxes, but..., again, hit the notes kid. Idena Menzel missed a few notes, so did the beautiful Cynthia Erivo (Who is just KILLING it in HBO's "The Outsider".). Elton John is at this point a one octave singer, (Like Eminem.) the fumes from an ancient volcano, smelling of Sulphur and distant memories older than Judy Garland. NO. Renee Zellweger can and should NOT have been EVAR been permitted to pretend she can sing like Garland. That movie sucked.

In the end, it was a third rate production with few bright spots.


  1. We are all glad that Jane Fonda decided to stop buying clothes but I wish she had made this decision 50 years ago.

  2. Good old walking pharmboy made alot of cents

  3. I didn't think anyone bothered to watch this cluster fuck of an award show.

  4. Eminem woke the crowd up. Sorry you hate him Chuck but the guy is good. Your buddy Super Dave is a huge fan of his. I was just glad that joke of a film Joker was largely ignored. To bad 1917 also was. Parasite was not on my to see list in fact did it even play in Kansas City? Martin Scorsese is probably still pissed this morning for being snubbed like he was. Probably has reached out to his NYC mob buddies ordering hits on certain people.


    Blanca won for "Best Foreign Feature With A Nice Culo"!!!

  6. I gotta go see 1917.

    The Oscars used to be such a great night. When Hollywood is good, and it still occasionally is, it rises to the level of art that even a philistine like me can appreciate. Much of the content we are subjected to now, is agitprop.

    Does EVERY single crime show on TV have to be about innocent drug dealers and corrupt cops? Who is really committing crimes and why is it, that we such a disproportionate (When you look at actual stats.) amount of so called "crooked cops" in so many shows, when in real life, that is not the case?

    Here is a great article from AC that drives home the point.

    Steven King was pilloried, for saying that talent, should be color blind and the Oscars should be based on performance, not skin color or, gender.

    He walked that back faster than Steven Colbert's first joke every night about Trump. It's one sided and unnecessary.

    Thanks for the comments.

  7. Go see "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Chuck, it's a lot more historically accurate that "1917" is!

  8. Old lame.

  9. ^^ Go watch an action hero movie junior.

  10. ^^Go do something productive geezer.

    1. Oh Chimpy. Back again to amuse us so soon? Lol

  11. Someone should have told Enema M that if he sang a song with a lot of profanity, then millions of viewers would only hear about 60 percent of the song, which very much takes away from any pleasurable experience it might offer.

  12. Byron Funkhouser2/10/20, 1:35 PM

    "...sanctimonious, self satisfied, holier-than-thou..."

    It's hard to say something like this without sounding like a hypocrite. It's like a Trump supporter claiming that the media lies, or claiming that Biden is corrupt.

    "Name me someone whose not a parasite, & I'll go out & say a prayer for him"

  13. Watched oscars and comment on it...LOL who would waste their time watching that (((shit))) show!

  14. Hey fuckhouser your nothing but a parasite worthless piece of leftist garbage


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