Monday, February 24, 2020

The Great Kansas Sack Debate: Republicans Defend Plastic Bags & Work To Outlaw Progressive Environmentalist Restrictions

There's an uptick in plastic bag bans across the nation and even some of the snootier JoCo suburbs . . . Here's GOP pushback against the progressive move from Topeka:

Kansas house committee approves bill against plastic bag ban

A Kansas house committee approves a ban on banning plastic bags.


Anonymous said...

Why should the state step in and make another ridiculous law when the people themselves could actually stop requesting them, you people do realize you have a choice at the store right?

Anonymous said...

Plastic bags are cheaper to make and take less energy to produce than paper bags, and they are cleaner than fiber bags used over and over. Throw used plastic bags into the regular trash, not the recycling, and they will not show up in the ocean. They take up almost no space in landfills, and because they don't biodegrade, they don't emit those nasty greenhouse gases.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember how we were forced into the use of plastic bags? It was the environmentalist tree-hugging type, we had to go to plastic because so many trees were dying! Now we have to go back to paper because the plastic is destroying environment. Just goes to show you when it comes to global warming you cannot trust them.

Anonymous said...

^^^^That's is indeed the truth. The same tribe that was for plastic bags is the same tribe that is now screaming about the use of them. Go stand outside the stores in Mission, Roeland Park, Overland Park and Prairie Village and see what they are walking out the door with full of groceries and dry goods. Plastic bags are a more reusable container around the house than a paper bag will ever be. Now making places use nothing but paper bags will increase pollution and the quality of the bags will go down as the weight of the paper will be reduced to lower costs. The so called sacker will pack those babies so full of stuff they will rip open on the drive home.

Right wingers have never been right about a damn thing in the past 20 or so years.

Anonymous said...

The low IQ Prairie Village city Council members must be rolling on the floor throwing a tizzy fit in anger. They think they are so progressive, wanting to ban plastic bags. But they voted to let Pit bulls legal, so they still did plenty of damage this year. What a group of idiots - Mayor included! Pitbulls!? You trust Pitbulls?

Anonymous said...

319, agree.

prairie village used to be a bastion of common sense.

now, it's getting weird in many ways.

Anonymous said...

i think we need more plastic in this world