Spy Tech Coming Soon To Kansas City

Law enforcement focuses on surveillance as connections with increasingly transient communities sometimes prove ineffective. Here's the first level of investment as quantum computing and A.I. tech improve exponentially . . . Take a look:

Some metro police department considering controversial facial recognition tech

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - New facial recognition technology being praised by law enforcement and harshly criticized by privacy advocates across the nation may be finding its way to the Kansas City metro.


  1. likely the thugs the police are after won't look like the guy in the photo

  2. This won't work on Byron Funkhouser, he is too two faced.

  3. I was born with an innate facial recognition program.

    That is, I can generally tell when someone is a total piece of shit just by an initial glance.

  4. Only in Lee's Summit!! LS Cops gotta use a app because they suck as cops!! Wait until the fire service and the IAFF gets ahold of this technology...soon gay firefighters can fight fires withought even showing up for work yet still collecting a corupt pension no tax payer agreed to fund. ONLY IN JACKSON COUNTY Missouri could this ever be a reality!! Yet it is!! Jackson County is a Blue county in a RED state.

  5. I don’t do nuffin it be some other dude lookin likes me

  6. Leroyce Baddyastis2/13/20, 7:38 AM

    Wearing a coronavirus mask with a lime on it will defeat the facial recognition software.

  7. Old people. Sooooooo lame.

  8. Call this out for what it is...its a payoff to the politically connected "consultant" that helped guide the vendor through the process.

    How much were "consultants" paid to help the city buy shot tracking technology that does not work?

    How much were "consultants" paid to help the city buy illegal traffic cameras? I bet we are still paying a service contract for those.

    How much were "consultants" paid to add new swirly lights and sirens on fire trucks?

    This wont help fight crime. It will help the politically connected get rich.

  9. Privacy Advocates?
    You mean there are still some idiots that think we have such a thing as "privacy"?


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