Sunday, February 16, 2020

Show-Me Worsening Mental Healthcare Struggle In Rural Missouri

A glimpse at REAL LIFE beyond partisan hype . . .

"People who live in rural communities oftentimes struggle to gain access to basic medical care, and receiving behavioral health care is much more challenging in rural areas."

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Report details 'mental anguish' of living in rural Missouri

One way the Department of Mental Health has reached out to rural residents (to let them know about what resources are available) is through business cards left at markets, convenience stores, grain suppliers, barber shops and other sites. The front of the card provides the number for a help line.


Anonymous said...

Too fucking bad, rural America. Vote for Republicans. This is what you deserve. Reap what you sow, idiots.

Anonymous said...

^^Has nothing to do with it ass clown. When you live in BFE you give up a lot of the things the big city people have everywhere. The care is there they just have to drive to get it. Other choice is to move where the everyday care you want is just blocks from you. There can't be two to three hospitals and dozens of other health related clinics to go to in counties that have only 1200 to maybe 1500 people living in it over a 800 sq mil area. It's just a matter of economics.

Anonymous said...

Trump's failure is on full display. He has killed agriculture with his tariff policy.

Best economy ever? Obviously not. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Not for you, maybe. Do better bitter loser!