Tuesday, February 04, 2020


The tech isn't perfected or even viable yet but the money and the pitch is PERFECT to excite politicos and gullible newsies . . . Take a look:

Missouri lawmakers vote to allow grants for Hyperloop track

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri lawmakers on Tuesday voted to make grants available for potential builders of an ultrafast Hyperloop test track in the state. House members in a voice vote gave initial approval to a bill that would make a 10-15 mile test track eligible for public-private partnership grants.


Anonymous said...

James Mark is out of his freaking mind. If he thinks Obama style care was so great has he looked at how it would have really hurt him over what he claims he is paying out now? He does what he does for whatever reason. He could demand some employee participation but he does not but wow is he fast to get with the media and bitch about it. I might feel semi sorry for him if he really opened his books and proved what he was saying it's all costing him here. If he is only paying himself 35K a year maybe he needs to make a career change to improve his life style.

Anonymous said...

^^Wrong thread grampy! Get the kids to help you follow along.

Anonymous said...

Oh well no biggie, it is a good point so I'll move it for them.

Anonymous said...

Land acquisition alone will stop this project. There is no available space in como, so you skew north. Even with garbage eminent domain state would pay out the ass. I worked on a feasibility study in uni for expanding i70. The como bottleneck stops it. Plus, who the hell is commuting to stl?