Friday, February 14, 2020


Negative spin to this STL letter but a benefit for those on the other side of the aisle. Read more:

Letter: Blunt and Hawley enable Trump's destructive behavior

Unfortunately for us and for their place in history Sens. Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley have cast themselves as enablers. In therapy, those are people who can make a difference but instead encourage or facilitate another's negative, destructive behavior. Contrary to the fantasizing of colleagues such as Sens.


Anonymous said...

From Harry Truman to these nimrods?

From give 'em hell to meh. The state motto can be completed to Show Me the Idiots.

Kansas Scout said...

And that was worthy to post? Trump bad, republicans bad. bad bad. Jeez, after listening to that same mantra for the millionth time it might as well be speaking in tongues. Who's even listening anymore. Nobody that matters.

Tony said...

That's a fair comment. Thank you Scout.

I was on the border with that one and I was actually hoping just to get people thinking about how Missouri fits in the big picture.

Actually, Senator Hawley's anti-human trafficking legislation is more newsworthy.

But you make an ESSENTIAL point. The nation seems so divided along partisan lines that news readers are worn down with the repetition demanded to enforce the status quo.

You helped me out. Next time around I might at least try to share something "new" . . . You're right. It is a news blog after all!!!

Anonymous said...

And shitty Louis has its nerve, they lead they nation in murders and they can’t say anything good about two republican senators who are actually doing a good job whereas they completely worthless so...

Anonymous said...

@1:35 which Senators are those?
The two we have don't do anything but grab headlines.

Anonymous said...

Hawley couldn't wait to move back to DC so he could frequent the gay night life scene again.

Anonymous said...

How does Missouri fit into the Big Picture?
Well, it's a neighbor of Kansas, whose Football Team just won the Super Bowl!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Country of Two Realities!
I would ask the "Kansas Scout" how the posts he complains of differ from all those pouring hatred on the Democrats, the Bidens, the Obamas and the Clintons?

Polarization IS Politics!
And has been for decades.