Show-Me No Money For Pets In Missouri

Quick look at growing income disparity impacting locals and their furry friends along with and rising cost vets, food and care . . . Take a look:

Survey: Nearly half of Missouri pet owners struggle financially to care for pets

Nearly half of Missouri pets owners recently surveyed by pet product site admit they struggle financially when it comes to looking after their pets. Innovet Pet, an organization based in Georgia, conducted a survey involving more than 3,000 pet owners nationwide. In Missouri, 44% of surveyed pet owners say they struggle financially to take care of their pets.


  1. How can this be with the cost of living having dropped to record lows?

    1. What planet are you on? Water costs are at an all time high in Kansas City and so are real estate values...trailer parks not included.


  2. Well my special friend in Central Hyde Park has dogs and they have no money to take care of anything including their taxes. Their dogs mysteriously disappear after a while. They eat them.

  3. Innovet Pet Products - PurHemp+ Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats.

    The stoners strike again.

  4. Pit bulls are still affordable - but thats because their owners make $4,000 per day selling meth

  5. Don't have pets then. People make stupid decisions. Can't fix stupid.

  6. Yep, but they don't mine driving the new Suv to get a monster drink and a pack of cigs every morning. Sometimes we only kid ourselves.


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