Show-Me Massive Republican Abortion Fight Rally In Missouri Overlooked

This weekend there was EPIC push back against abortion in Missouri amid right-wing efforts to push back the controversial "medical practice" here's the postscript that was dutifully ignored by most local MSM . . .

Anti-abortion activists gather in capital as abortion access in Missouri remains in limbo

JEFFERSON CITY - Hundreds of anti-abortion activists converged in the capital city on Saturday to hear from Gov. Mike Parson and celebrate the passage of one of the strictest abortion laws in the country. Bridget Van Means, an anti-abortion activist, implored a crowd in the Missouri Capitol rotunda to become one-issue voters in 2020 and to only support candidates opposed to abortion access.


  1. if sluts wouldn't fuck everyone they meet not practicing safe sex there wouldn't be such a need for abortions. How about a law against getting pregnant if your a single woman? Make all women from age 18 be required to take the pill or some other doctor administered birth control or be fined very heavy if you don't obey such law. We could call it the Nations Women Being Accountable Act. Is it time the US does a population control act? Only one child per couple? Funny how all these women want the freedom to get an abortion but won't line up to get their tubes tied.

  2. Fools rallying to support the right to eliminate their own descendants! Give them all DARWIN AWARDS for stepping out of the Gene Pool.

  3. Rather you agree with it or not! Its the woman's choice regardless.

    These idiotic comments about them being a slut are unwarranted. No one has a perfect family..So, by referencing the above negative comments you could be insulting a member of your own family..

    The country will never regress about women's rights!!

    You don't have to agree with it to respect another person choice.


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