Show-Me Guv Parson Ignoring Prez Trump In Missouri Election Pitch To Kansas City

Confronting a wave of progressive, lady and minority voters united against the Prez . . . In KCMO, the Guv touts his moderate record. Read more:

Pro-Parson PAC omits mention of Trump in Kansas City TV ads

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A political action committee supporting Republican Missouri Gov. Mike Parson's reelection bid is tailoring its TV ads for rural versus urban markets, leaving mentions of President Donald Trump out of the spots aimed at city viewers.


  1. That JOKER is a usurper! Sad thing is, the Democrats don't have anybody to run against this CLOWN! Hell, if McCaskill came back she'd kick his electoral ass!!!

  2. Parson and his crew better be careful about forgetting to praise King Trump. The Trumpster has a little list and no one will be missed.

  3. Parson is facing a tough race, and doesn't want to have to run with a failure of a dead Albatross hanging around his neck!


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