Show-Me Former Missouri Senator Suffering First Pundit Setback

Talking for a living is risky and here's a glimpse at the former Missouri politico's words under attack . . . Checkit:

Claire McCaskill faces racism accusations after singling out Ben Carson in photo of Trump surrogates

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill received a wave of backlash on Tuesday after she appeared to single Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson out for his race. "One of these things is not like the others.


  1. Claire is a P.O.S.

  2. I am sorry for Claire.. Her deep seated need for significance is warped.If I was her I would try to stay under a rock.

  3. Exactly why is this lapsed grifter being given any media attention at all?


  4. Don't forget it was people like Claire who fought to keep you slaves, and it was people like Claire who started the KKK. YES it was the DEMOCRATS!

  5. Poor Claire (I mean rich Claire). She singled out a world famous black brain surgeon that grew up poor in the projects. HAHA TDS is a hellava drug.

  6. White liberals "love" for African Americans is so so phony.

    If people are constantly trying to prove they love you all the time, then they probably really hate you.

  7. The frowning traitor should have went down in a fiery plane crash years ago along with several other thieving commie democrats fuck ‘em all

  8. The Fox News fake outrage machine strikes again.

    She pointed out the truth and there is no blacklash.

    Another truth is Claire still triggers the geezers.

    1. You obviously prefer the left's fake outrage.

  9. She and mitt Romney would make for a happy marriage. Mitt still has enough money to support "air Claire" in the style she desires. As long as neither one looks in the mirror, they would live happily miserably after.


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