Show-Me Female Fist Responder Alleging Missouri Porno Firehouse Hot Mess

Nasty discrimination deets in this report and word of a dysfunctional workplace . . . Here's the news tease:

Fire captain sent photo of Apple watch on genitalia to female firefighter, MO suit says

The first female firefighter in a Missouri fire department is accusing her coworkers of sexual harassment, including watching pornography at the station and showing her photos of genitalia, a lawsuit says. Nixa Fire Protection District firefighter Dana Osborne was hired in 2017 and almost immediately was treated differently and critiqued on a different basis than her male colleagues, according to the federal lawsuit filed Thursday.


  1. She was in a room with apes so


  2. Democrat greedy Firefighter union slobs have ALWAYS lounged around the station getting paid big overtime $$ to watch porn.

    Why is this considered news?

  3. These women are figuring out they can become a firefighter get on the job and a couple of years later make a sexual harassment claim and receive a huge pay out and retire for life. Plus women watch porn don't let them kid you not. Women are always wanting to hang out with the guys and work with them and then get all uppity when the men act like men.


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