Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Show-Me 'Clean Missouri' Wiped Away

Quick peek at the absence of any real ethics reform in Missouri . . . And voter initiative petitions easily mopped up. Read more:

Missouri Senate gives first approval to Clean Missouri do-over plan

CLOSE If you thought the fight over Clean Missouri was fun, get ready for "Cleaner." Missouri Republicans took a big step toward asking voters to undo changes they made to the redistricting process that could cost them seats with an initial vote of approval in the Senate Tuesday evening.


Anonymous said...


Teaching a class of Master Bakers means Lucy always has a load of clean-up afterwards!!!

Anonymous said...

Clean Missouri was funded by George Soros and is all about the redistricting of Missouri because without it the democrats can't win Missouri.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Nobody believes that. The majority voters approved it, Republicans erased those votes.

Anonymous said...

^^ Have proof? Thought not. Get your TDS checked stat.

Anonymous said...

The Clean Missouri amendment passed by 62% to 38% in 2018. Here's a link:


But why let facts ruin a good narrative?