Show-Me Carjacking Crackdown In Missouri

Tough legislation against this crime that's increasing in frequency across the the State . . . Here's the proposal:

Missouri lawmakers propose bill that would make carjacking a felony punishable by 5-15 years in prison

Missouri lawmakers on Wednesday advanced a bill to give more options for prosecuting people for carjackings, a move praised by some as a way to combat an uptick in violent crime and criticized by others as too expansive and harsh.


  1. That would be a racist law. Everyone is aware of who does virtually all carjacking. Why not target a crime white people do?

  2. ^^OK Boomer

  3. OK younger and dumber

  4. They use to hang you for stealing horses. It should still apply to stealing cars.
    In fact we should institute a 3 and out policy in Missouri. Commit 3 violent crimes you get the death penalty, cartied out in a timely fashion, say 90 days. Making room for others to serve their full sentences.

  5. "criticized by others as too expansive and harsh."

    Others.. The Snowflakes

  6. ^^says the shitflake.

    1. Says the Chimp! Oh Chimpy, you make it so easy lol

  7. This is an example of racist lawmakers keeping the school to prison pipeline full.

  8. The only reason carjacking is a problem is because we deprive inner city children of meaningful educational and employment opportunities and no chance to participate in our government.

  9. I don’t think Jean Petersucker Baker prosecutes carjacking. If she does, they just get some lame probation.

  10. @ 5:44 What? Education starts at home. You can't expect the educational system to fix your broken ass shit. Kids come to school and act like thugs and think it's cool... How does the educational system fix that?


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