Monday, February 10, 2020


We hope to talk about this again in the morning but here's the link and perspective of this moment going viral for now . . . Take a look:

Shawnee Mission School District teacher resigns in front of board

OVERLAND PARK, KS. (KCTV) --- A Shawnee Mission School District teacher resigned Monday evening during the board of education meeting. Teacher Amanda Kauffman spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting. It was the first meeting after the board of education approved a three-year contract following a contentious negotiation period.


Anonymous said...

Well good for her, now don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Shows you the sort of idiots working at SMSD.

Teach KC said...

^^^^ That's a dumb comment. What district should they be working for? SMSD is one of the best in Kansas. Where is this magical world where teachers are paid fairly.

Don't just post a dumbass comment, use some reasoning and don't be such a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Ditto that Teach KC

Anonymous said...

^^^^^She was paid well for the time she actually worked. If she is one of the best we are all in real trouble. I don't think what 11:57 was dumb at all. She had to make a spectacle out of quitting, hope she has a hell of a time finding another job.

At a board meeting isn't where teaching staff during public comments quits. She is without a doubt a drama queen.

Anonymous said...

So she just up and quits tonight leaving her students without a teacher because she is a little butt hurt. She couldn't say I quit no she had to ramble on for over 3 minutes saying nothing. I agree, she is a drama queen and sure wouldn't want the likes of her teaching my kids.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Kind of have to agree there.

This was very dramatic. You can argue that she's sending a message that might help other people but her style make it easy to ignore her.

Super Dave said...

The teachers at SMSD are in line with what other districts are paying here take a look and see for yourself.
Salaries possible are from first year and up.
KCKPS: $42,661 up to 74K
Shawnee Mission $42,557 up to 85K
USD 232 De Soto: $42,500 up to 74K
Blue Valley: $42,100 up to 78K
Olathe: $42,086 up to 84K

Not a bad salary for working an 8 hour day with loads of days off during the year. Some say they have to put in more hours but those I know who teach and have say no they don't really have to but much extra time in yes here and there but not all the time.

Anonymous said...

She says she's dedicated to her students, but resigns effective immediately because she doesn't like the pay raise the Board awarded the teachers. Doesn't sound like a dedicated teacher to me. Sounds more like another manifestation of our victim culture. The school board is elected by the community not merely to rubber stamp the teachers' wants, but to represent the community at large, including the taxpayers who must foot the bill.

Super Dave said...

Mainly because I am bored and jacked on some coffee I had tonight I shouldn't have, I broke this down a little here.

A SMSD teacher contract is for 191 days this year. So using the above figures I posted earlier I rounded off the salary for a first year teacher at 42K not counting any extras they could earn. All that follows here is based on a SMSD salary with 191 days worked first year of service.

So for a 191 day contract if teacher works eight hours per day per their contract they will make app $28 per hour.

Okay lets say they work 44 hours that week then their pay would drop down to $25 per hour.

Now this is rather interesting. First off during the school calendar year 2019-2020 SMSD teachers get a total of 20 days off for holidays. Including the 4 snow days that is figured into their contract. Since they are under contract they can avoid this next issue. But legally a SMSD teacher could per labor guide lines be classified as part-time help. Yes you need to work at least 195 days a year to be considered full time using the minimal figure of 30 hours per week.

As someone who use to give training sessions I know teaching is what you make of it. If you know the subject you are teaching then I can tell you it ain't all that hard to do. I'm sure teaching as with most jobs requires some effort to perform the job same as the guy digging a ditch has to put some effort in to the task. I'd rather teach than dig.

Everyone wants to make more money it's human nature to want such. But I think what bugs me is that I hear all this we do so much extra stuff along with we work 60 hour weeks and blah blah while I know that isn't really the case at all as told to me by teachers. For the hours worked and all the perks that go with the job I honestly don't find teachers around here what I'd call underpaid at all.

Anonymous said...

Why are teachers so whiny?

Anonymous said...

You sure do like to make up stupid self serving rules about what people can say and when and where they can say it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but they have to put up with your piece of shit kids.

Anonymous said...

Another opening, another show!
And she didn't even have her 15 minutes of "fame".
Stupid, immature, and irresponsible decision on her part and one that left the kids in her classroom, the ones she talks about caring so much for, in the lurch.
Maybe now she can start her own "nonprofit organization" and continue to try to get more face time on local TV.
Everything is entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Poor American Teachers, always feel they are underpaid and severely overworked. That's why we rank 47 th in international education. Their temper equates to no pay. Now that's some funny shit. Do the math and make me a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

^^ 2:40 because they are the largest Liberal union of sloths.

chuck said...

Good comments from Dave.

I taught school and the difference in school districts is what makes the difference. At Southwest they had pictures of teachers (Huge life size) on the wall who had been beaten by the students. I took the place of a teacher at Paseo who had his nose and orbital socket broken by a student - wait for it - who was still in class and sitting in the front when I was substituting that day.

Kansas, making 75K is a pretty good gig. Catholic schools didn't pay squat - but, you were not, at least then, worried about your 6 all day.

chuck said...

I should clarify, that was 40 years ago, maybe it is better now, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Probably behind on her Bemmer payments.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the media is trying to downplay the involvement of a UNION in this chaos. This is what unions do - they pump the media with their stories, they make big posters for meetings, they make dramatic accusations in front of the school board, and they over react when they don't get EXACTLY what they want. It doesn't matter if it's the teamsters or teacher's union - it's a union. Their tactics are ALWAYS the same.

SMSD teachers are paid in line with other teachers in the area. End of story. Nice try. Take your 3 year contract with raises (a lot of people who pay your salary don't get annual raises, pay progression, pension, summers off, etc.) and enjoy your job. The public values you - we just can't afford to pay you more....sorry.

Tracy Thomas said...

First of all, watch this 4 min. including her farewell to her students, taken from SMSD video:

Next, it's not just the 1% raise, it's the refusal to provide sufficient planning time. She teaches gifted 8th graders. Who (unlike where Chuck taught in the inner city) don't beat up the teachers. You can't walk into a classroom and riff. You need to plan. And if you are preparing 8th graders who need scholarships to go to good colleges, you need more than one minute--one f'in minute! to grade their essays and coach them!

I too was a teacher. I quit after one year, seeing how futile it was. The administrators are overpaid and overabundant.

Third, Mrs. Coffman nailed it, "You sent your lawyers, rather than come to the table and talk." The Ks. Legislature sent more money to SMSD earmarked for teachers, but the admin snarfed up the pork like an all you can eat tailgate party at the K.

How does this affect Joco? Easy: When SMSD administrators get greedy and drops the ball on retaining its workforce of great teachers, they go to Blue Valley or Desoto, then our resale values start to erode.

This is the real impact. This is the Suburban Donut Dilemma. How a gradually declining district creates declining property values, for all, seniors included. While the most nimble families with bright students move to more distant zip codes and districts. Or enroll their kids in private schools.

One consoling thought--these teachers won't be decamping to KCMO.

Remember the State of the Union speech last week? Dems sat on their hands, resentfully, when a talented tween girl (who happened to be black) was awarded a scholarship to a better private school.

This is why Kansas is a red state. Yes, the NEA is a Nazi sewing circle most of the time. But the SMSD administration team is worse.

Friday, Valentine's Day, is a tipping point for the northern half of Johnson County. If I were still a teacher, in this excellent economy, thank you President Trump, I'd resign too. Ten did so yesterday.

Norma Rae, here we go again.

Anonymous said...

Teachers have it rough. Learning the childrens gibberish names and trying to teach idiots that get passed on to each grade. You cannot hold back half the class. This country is in deep trouble in another 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Can certainly tell which commenters still live in the failing KCMO district, with their Jaxco property tax increases, this year and next, and their potholes. Victims.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the teacher's frustration and sense of betrayal. After many years of school activists linking arms with teachers and their union, the activists, once elected, won't personally listen to or meet with the teachers. That's got to feel like a slap in the face. It's no better than activists, candidates and even voters head-nodding along with the notion of ensuring more of their taxpayer dollars are used in the classroom. However, when a brave statehouse representative who was determined to do something about it sponsored a bill to ensure funds for teacher classroom expenses, all sides derided the effort, including those within the KNEA. Teachers get exploited during elections when parties and organizations want votes, but then shunted aside when it is time to deliver.

Reality Speaker said...

As a child, one spends 12 to 13 years watching a teacher at the front of the room (maybe) imparting knowledge. An additional 4 years is usually required to qualify as a "teacher".

So, one is provided with an example of their aspiration to teach for around 16 years. I would also imagine that, upon obtaining a position, they were happy with the salary, thrilled, and looking forward to being that figure they, themselves, watched for that 16 years. THEN, THEY ARE NOT HAPPY! NO SIREEE!

I can only conclude the unhappy ones are STUPID!!! I can think of NO OTHER JOB WHERE ONE CAN OBSERVE THEIR FUTURE PROFESSION FOR 16 F---ING YRS BEFORE "Now I are one!".

Nothing wrong for "asking" for more money, but "demanding, or else" only shows they were too stupid to thoroughly understand AND ACCEPT the built in range of economic limitations their chosen employment offers before committing.

Anonymous said...

SMSD teachers have been working without a contract since the school year started.

SMSD Board of Educ refused to budge on many issues and the Board voted last week to approve a three-year unilateral contract.

Teachers have until this Friday to accept the contract or they could resign immediately.

This teacher opted to resign immediately.

She took one of the options offered to her by the board and yet some commenters on this thread are upset about that?

It never ceases to amaze me that people who don’t live in this district and don’t attend school board meetings seem to think that they are subject matter experts.

Anonymous said...

obviously a missed opportunity for the 'hot for teacher' meme plus a fine young thing at a chalkboard or something wearing something skimpy c'mon tony you have a standard to maintain sir -radish

Morrison said...

Damn, after reading these comments shitting on the teachers for wanting good working conditions, all I can say is that most of you would be great slaves. Chuck, Dave and Tracy included.

Anonymous said...

8:23am I guess you missed the interview with the mom of the black girl who was “awarded a scholarship to a private school”.

The mother has no idea why they were invited to the State of the Union address nor does she understand why the girl was offered a spot in a private school since the girl has already been in the most prestigious charter school in her city since the beginning of the school year. The girl hasn’t been in a public school since last year.

Don’t let the facts get in your way,

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer.

Anonymous said...

^^ typical no-facts response from some asshole who can’t be bothered to read the FACTS before responding, Here’s a cookie for you.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit Chuck...that never happened.

Anonymous said...

^^You weren't there so how do you know?

Anonymous said...

I taught for ten years and never once felt underpaid. Did I feel stress? Sure. Did I want to quit? ABSOLUTELY! And so I did! I didn't cry and complain about it and make the taxpayer feel like I was owed more. I did something about it. I don't make as much money now and physically I work alot harder but my needs are met and I get to raise and educate my own kids and I love it!!
To the people who say teachers are whiny, you're right. I can't believe I never noticed but it was what I made of it and I was grateful to make as much as I did. And ya they get a crazy amount of days off to be crying. So to all my teacher people out there, I've been where you are and I can honestly say teachers are overpaid like crazy and not just teachers. Most government employs are way overpaid compared to the private sector. This woman is a drama mama and if I was any school district I would not hire her...ever.

Tracy Thomas said...

8:43--she might be a drama queen. But you are a bully and a coward. And a mean girl. Come back and sign your name. Own your words.

Unknown said...

It looks like from the internet she teaches yoga. One of the tricks is balancing beer stains in a bar while teaching.Im glad teaching in Texas Mississippi and Arkansas was that complicated. I might have asked for more money too.

Rachel said...

I’ve been teaching in a private school for 16 years, and I’d love to be getting her salary!

Unknown said...

@5:51am Rachel, if you would like to earn more money as your post indicated then go apply in a public school district instead of commenting on Tony’s KC about the perils of teaching in a private school. You’ve made your choice. Quit complaining about it.

Unknown said...

Ditto here, too. Teach KC