Senator Bernie Sanders Stays Winning But Missouri GOP Still Hates Socialism

Bernie and his "bros" are about to bring a real conversation about socialism to the national forefront.

Whilst we routinely hear stern disagreement from many Conservatives about subsidy for the poor, they aren't very savvy about explaining so much Show-Me State corporate welfare shared generously with corporate political donors.

Fact is, there is no "pure" economic model in this world and we shouldn't forget that the Prez Trump family fortune was built by way of helping to provide government assisted housing.

Here's a more measured consideration:

Missouri Republicans Say Socialism Threatens Democracy

SPRINGFIELD - The word "socialism" kept coming up at Missouri's largest annual gathering of Republicans, called Lincoln Days, ahead of the 2020 election. GOP speakers repeatedly warned the crowd of party activists and elected officials gathered in a Springfield convention center Friday and Saturday that Democrats were threatening American democracy as their party grows more comfortable with socialism.


  1. "Prez Trump family fortune was built by way of helping to provide government assisted housing."

    This is a VERY nice way of avoiding the fact that Fred Trump was a war profiteer who built shoddy housing for Naval personnel during WWII and continued to rip off VA and FHA programs well into the 1950s to such an extent that he was among those singled out by the Eisenhower administration as crooks. Trump wasn't into "helping to provide" anything but graft for himself. And the apple didn't fall very far from the tree.

  2. Of course Republicans hate "Socialism"!
    The very idea of it puts the primary focus of Government on the well-being of the People, whereas "Capitalism" puts the primary focus of Government on the Well-being of Wealth!

    The GOP is the Political Party of the Wealthy, Q.E.D.!

    1. Oh bullshit. Republicans just love
      Socialist snow plows
      Socialist roads
      Socialist parking
      Socialist highways
      Socialist police forces. Oh did you think the police get paid market rate for each service? Nope, paid by gubmint.
      Socialist army too. I mean it protects capitalist institutions but is itself socialist.
      Socialist parks.
      Socialist social security.

  3. I think this is still relevant and is a nice song for us all to enjoy!


    The Beverly Hillarybillies

    Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Bernie,
    Poor Commie whiner who never, never learnie,
    Then one day he was on the stage with Mike
    Americans aghast, we might elect a kike!

    Mazel Tov, Meshegguneh

    Bernie's pretty pissed cause Mikes a billionaire,
    His mom and dad say, Bernie get away from there,
    Get back in our basement, that's where ya wanna be,
    But Bernie took a stand and he's the nominee!

    Green New Deal, Bankruptcy.

    Now Bernie runs the show and he knows where to go,
    He heads out west to hang out with the best,
    While America's on fire, he packs up and flees,
    He packed all his shit and moved to Beverly.

    Bread lines, soup kitchens.

    One thing we learned, don't electa a whacka,
    As bad as it is, you're better off with a crakka
    Or maybe betta yet, a crakka with a tan
    We can all pretend, that he is Mexican.

    Great restaurants, hot Latina chicks

  4. I swear, the Dems could f-up a cheese sandwich. Nominating Bernie virtually guarantees a second Trump term. There are a number of Dem candidates with broad appeal to centrist voters (the ones who will determine the election), but they seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot in the name of ideological purity. Carville was right.

  5. 9:00: Republicans LOVE socialism, especially when it involves favorable tax treatment for their income, bailouts for the "too big to fail," subsidies for their pet projects (like Foxcom in Wisconsin), and so on.

    It's socialism for "the wrong kind of people" they hate. I don't understand why the rich, so amply rewarded by government largess, are so reluctant to let it trickle down to those who really need it, but maybe some of TKC's outspoken wingnuts can explain it all for us.

  6. "Missouri Republicans Say Socialism Threatens Democracy"

    And yet so does voter suppression, but Republicans don't have a problem with that. Weird.

  7. If Sanders is nominated Trump's will will make Reagan's landslide victory in 1984 look like a photo finish.

    Despite the nonstop accusations of racism he may very well double or better the amount of black votes from his first election. That alone will put him over the top. Independents aren't going to vote for Bernie either, so they'll either vote Trump or stay home. That goes to Trump's advantage.

    There is a segment of Dems who will never, ever vote for an avowed Socialist. Even if this is only 10 percent that tips the scales to Trump. Then there's the tribal factions between the far left Bernie/Warren/Meatgazer from South bend versus the 'moderate' Biden/Bloomberg/Klovuchar types. If the nominee is selected from a brokered deal at the convention this divide will grow even deeper from butthurt by the losing factions.

    Bottom line is Trump will very likely sail into a second term.

  8. Bernie is a hypocritical asshole pontificating on socialism while being a multi-millionaire. Go peddle your crazy somewhere else, Bernie - we’re all stocked up here.

  9. ^^^^And yet Bernie's net worth, including his home, is $2.5 mil. Hardly a fortune for someone who is 77 years old. Weird.

  10. ^^and yet Crazy Bernie is 78 years old, with 3 homes. Weird.

  11. MAGA nation is getting nervous. Sanders will deliver results for the working class that Trump promised but failed. The Bernie bros are going to kick their ass.

  12. Chimpy always says folks don't read links. Well, here's a great vid of 5 guys who recently visited the wonderful island of Cuba. If you like socialism, you should watch this and see if you remain a fan.

  13. I didn't think Nevada had that many gay and stupid people living in it.

  14. ^^^That’s why you shouldn’t think Boomer, you don’t do it well. Continue to rely on Faux News to tell you what to think. OK Boomer?

    1. Boomers Control It All2/23/20, 8:53 PM

      Love the ok Boomer dude. Makes me smile to know that "Millie=Millenial" knows he's screwed because we own and control everything that matters. Yes we even own the mortgage on his moms house. Keep working your smartphone you man-bun wearing, civil war beard sporting half a fag. Venture out of mom's basement and enjoy the real world.

  15. 11:24: And yet there are various forms of socialism, such as socialism for the rich, like we have here. No one is calling for an old eastern bloc style socialism for the US; what we'd like is an expanded New Deal, as FDR elaborated in his 1944 and 1945 State of the Union speeches, e.g. the right to:

    Employment, food, clothing and leisure with enough income to support them

    Farmers' rights to a fair income

    Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies


    Medical care

    Social security


    Please note these were proposed in 1944, 76 years ago. The Republicans' response, when they captured the Senate in 1946 was to give Americans Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, and a whole host of real winners who declared everyone and everything they opposed "communist," which is still a tradition today, for example putting forth the straw man of Cuba.


  16. I loved Trump's self inflicted $12 billion socialist bailout to big agriculture. Bigger than the auto bailout (which was paid back).

    The GOP socialist attacks, as Trump would say, are bullshit.

  17. 11:10, please put down the crack pipe at least 24 hrs before your next post.

  18. Replies
    1. Boomers Control It All2/23/20, 8:55 PM

      Love the ok Boomer dude. Makes me smile to know that "Millie=Millenial" knows he's screwed because we own and control everything that matters. Yes we even own the mortgage on his moms house. Keep working your smartphone you man-bun wearing, civil war beard sporting half a fag. Venture out of mom's basement and enjoy the real world.

  19. Breaking News...Mayor Pete is taking a break for a few days and heading to Florida. He heard pitchers and catchers were reporting for duty. Earlier, Pete made his final push and came from, back to the campaign.

  20. I think this is about the 300th time you've posted that tidbit. It wasn't clever to begin with, and it hasn't improved with age.

    Get better or get lost.

  21. ^^^ and yet it gets to you. Weird.

  22. If I was the D.N.C.I would start Looking for a viable Canedate for 2024. Or there will not be a Democrat President in the next 14 years. THE Republicans are thinking twenty years ahead .YOU have the Trump team. Running the Republicans campaign and they will be hard to beat. They have a candidate Ready for 2024

  23. IT WILL BE A GREAT SHOW IF BERN AND THE DONALD SQUARE OFF. AND people will get an education on socialism and Communists Country's.

  24. Bernie policies will cause gasoline to go to near $5 a gallon.

  25. ^^^^And yet they won't. Weird.

  26. Hey, Retro. Are you stoned or working on your GED? Or maybe both?

  27. Dumb asshole Adam Schiff to blame for this and Pelosi.
    Dumb fucks went after Trump an backfired on Biden.
    Took Biden down with his son.
    What’s left is Sanders and he is ineluctable or unelectable.
    Doesn’t matter if you are for Trump or not... Schiff fucked up.
    Forever Schiff will be charged for electing Trump.
    Is Schiff a sleeper Russian agent?
    You decide.

  28. If this fucking idiot sanders is elected the same shit will happen that happened when the worthless nigger Hussein was elected all of the company’s that came back will leave and everybody with more than a nickel will move their money out of the country and of coarse the market will immediately crash total disaster just like when the worthless nigger was elected

  29. ^^^^And once again, a special thanks to Tony for keeping people like this at home in their rusted trailers and away from civilization.


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