Scammers Fake Johnson County DA Number

Here's one more reason why many people complain that it's hard to get ANYBODY on the phone nowadays . . . Check this local alert of a far-reaching trick:

Johnson County DA says phone number was spoofed by scammers

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) - The Johnson County District Attorney's office reported Thursday that the main phone line to the office has been spoofed and used by scammers in Kansas and neighboring states. A spokesperson for the district attorney's office told KCTV5 News that the office began receiving calls Wednesday from people in Oklahoma and Nebraska who said they had been called by someone using the D.A.


  1. Easy.
    True story.
    A guy called from Nigeria called a buddy-wanted $1,000 or he would put my bud in jail.
    Imy bud told him he would wire him $5,000 if he gave him a legit bank account number or He was hanging up.
    He wiped his account- stole his SIM card number and cleaned out his Bit Coin.
    He took all the money and went and bought a Happy Meal.
    The Nigerian called back and wanted his money back.
    Moral of the story?
    Don’t be stupid. Happy Valentines Day.


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