Our blog community was FIRST to notice the cuts targeting the arts community in the current budget and now aspiring cowtown movie moguls have started a movement to save the Kansas City Film Production office.

Two sides of this story:

Yes, Kansas City needs to tighten its belt and reduce spending on efforts that don't benefit public safety and infrastructure across the entire community.

However . . .

The current budget still finds room for corporate welfare subsidy and sketchy tourism efforts that have never been accurately documented.

Small pet peeve -- TKC admires local MOVIE MAKERS but nobody has made a "film" in Kansas City for years. All movies and cinematic efforts are shot on VIDEO. But I digress . . .

The most important fact to notice . . .

The Kansas City movie making community is a vibrant collection of creative and HARD WORKING professionals who struggle to share their vision with Kansas City. Help from City Hall often directly creates the opportunity to create bigger budget productions, the cash goes right back into the local economy and not only sparks more investment but also contributes to this town's image as metropolitan area serious about crafting professional images.

Here's the argument:

Keep KC Filming

Kansas City Film Production needs your help NOW! The Film Office & Incentive Program are scheduled to be removed from Mayor Quinton Lucas’ 20/21 budget proposal. The program costs the city very little to offer a program which brings in an annual cash flow of $10 million in revenue. We have until March 15th to collect 2,500 signatures (from anyone in support of this movement regardless of where they live) and get this program reinstated into the budget.

What is the film incentive and why is it important? The film incentive offers qualifying productions assistance if they spend a minimum amount of money in the city and hire local crews. These incentives help our city to bring large projects like Netflix’s Queer Eye Season 3 and 4. The total budget that would be cut is a mere $175,000 for the incentive and film office. This revenue helps bring in productions which have an impact of over $10 million in revenue to the city annually. These productions also showcase our city which has a direct link to an increase in tourism.

This is not a partisan issue. This is about keeping great film projects in Kansas City which create jobs and boosts the economy.

Please help us by signing and sharing our petition showing Mayor Quinton Lucas and the City Council how important this is to so many and needs to be included in the 20/21 budget.

“Every once in awhile you connect with the kind of film commission that makes an extraordinary contribution to the success of your project...KCMO will always be Queer Eye’s home.” -Jen Lane, Showrunner - Queer Eye (Netflix)

“Twenty-five years of working in television, I’ve shot in every state in the United States and almost twenty countries, and I have never had such a trouble free production in my life.” -Eric Streit, Executive Producer

And all of this inspires our movie song playlist tonight . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


  1. I guess we'll all have to be entertained by looking at the budgets of Waddell and Reed as they bilk KC for 30 million and more.

    1. Everybody has their hand out for the budget. Sad to see some of these people asking for more money when they've taken so much formore Kansas City over the past eight years.

    2. Sly gave "creatives" the keys to the kingdom and now they think they own it.

  2. I guess we'll just have to be complacent with tall he amazing music coming out of KC with bands like Puddle of Dudd.

  3. ^^ Ok BOOMERS

  4. Thank you for linking this. I know this site is famous for its haters but I don't want people to miss a very important part of this post that: This is a non partisan issue!

    I know people who work in Film Production who are very conservative and others who are very liberal. They all just want to make a living trying to do something creative and help other businesses get their message out. The KC Film Production Office serves as a great resource to connect these communities and make something Cooperative at City Hall which brings in more revenue for everyone. So, we might not all agree on politics but I think we should all at least give consideration to people and filmmakers who work very hard and deserve at least as much support and investment commiserate with the tax revenue that they produce.

  5. Tired of same shit2/23/20, 12:05 AM

    Not all haters. Many just sick and tired of paying for bullshit while our infrastructure takes last place to everything else.

    Great example, "Open Spaces". Time you folks paid for your own shit like the majority of us.

  6. What percentage of funds go to what ratings?
    How much is funded for:

    Should be equal. If not let’s make it equal.

  7. 5:33 for the Win!

    Not a penny more until they find XXX.

    Possible titles:

    The Wild, Wild Chest
    Throbbin’ Hood
    Tits a Wonderful Life
    Titty Slickers
    Titty Titty Bang Bang
    Top Buns
    Trannie Get Your Gun
    Twin Cheeks
    Twin Peeks

  8. First KCMO needs to be cleaned up so it can be presented to the nation. Unfortunately I’ve never seen a trashier or a more smelly place than KCMO.

  9. Use some of your meth money to make your liberal porn and stay out of the public’s wallet.


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