Police Cleared After Kansas City Public Library Parlor Game Political Chat

A dramatic library dust up for the benefit of entertaining Kansas City's 2nd favorite rich dude is now complete . . . Read more:

Judge throws out lawsuit over arrest at Kansas City library

KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) - A federal judge has thrown out a free-speech lawsuit against a former police detective filed by a man who was arrested while questioning a speaker at the Kansas City Public Library in 2016. Chief Judge Beth Phillips ruled that Brent Parsons, a Kansas City Police detective at that time, had probable cause to arrest Jeremy Rothe-Kushel.


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  2. It wasn't about your free speech, it was you being an a-hole and making a spectacle of yourself. Refusing to let someone else a"you" are the one raising it to another level.

    I hope people learn, then realize they are meant to comply and argue it out in court.

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