Olathe AirBnB Rough Night Allegations

Here's a look at police enforcing the "sharing economy" that doesn't always benefit hopeful digital denizens. Read more:

Olathe Airbnb host finds drugs, knives and blood stains after two-day room rental

OLATHE, Kan. -- An Airbnb host said his home was trashed after a couple rented a room from him for two days. Chris Sayegh said he began using the popular site to make extra money, partnering with Airbnb to list a private room in his home on the site.


  1. Are they in town for Mutant Fest of Comicon ? Life is a moveable feast of cartoon characters. What channel is keeping up with the Kardashians ?

  2. This is what happens when brothers and sisters hook up. I just hope she was on the pill.

  3. Excuse me, these people show up at your door and want to rent a room and you let them in???? are you insane?

    1. Thata the rules of Airbnb. You can not discriminate or they will kick you off the platform.

  4. Bet this guy's neighbors are thrilled by his Airbnb activities.

  5. OMG its SATAN and his wife I would NOT let them in


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