No Accounting For Clay County

Deep dive into the deets courtesy of Northland politicos and tenacious social media activists . . . Checkit:

Utility payments questioned in Clay County lease deals

Clay County purchasing card records show at least four utility payments made for an address registered to Clay County Assistant Administrator Nicole Brown, who signed a rent-free housing deal in May 2017 to live in a taxpayer-funded home near Smithville Lake, according to Clay County Auditor Victor Hurlbert.The discovery has



    The rent is too damn high for $100K/year administrators???

  2. ^^^^ Lulz.

    Very nice.

  3. I feel sorry for taxpayers in Clay county. Good for the news for digging through all those records to find these open-ended free leases. Time to bring back Nicole Galloway for another audit.

  4. When the FBI finishes with Independence and Jackson County they can just move north.


  5. Where is the Missouri Attorney General's Office on this and how long are they going to allow these officials to Snub their nose at Law Enforcement or the AG.

  6. Funny how the prior county auditor didn’t find these problems or even try. I have never met Hilbrt, but glad he is working for us.

    With the pending charter/constitution vote in April, who knows if the court appointed constitution members will retain an elected auditor. They never have called for an elected auditor just an appointed one. The charter/constitution proposals have lost badly the last two elections by a 60/40 pounding. So go ahead and appoint 14 well meaning people to serve and abra cadabra, they know how to organize and propose a new $100 million dollar government. Gimme a break.


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