Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Newspaper Sells Kansas City Infrastructure FAIL Pothole Map Behind Paywall

Newsflash . . . There are a TON of potholes throughout Kansas City and City Hall hasn't really stepped up to do anything about it. Read more:

City map shows 3,000 potholes reported in 30 days. How many are in your neighborhood?

Kansas City residents may wonder how the number of potholes in their neighborhood compares with the rest of the city. This map makes it easy to find out. A searchable map created from city data shows potholes reported to the city's 311 system in a 30-day period.


Anonymous said...

Notice they are all mostly in the Great Sly James Renaissance area

Anonymous said...

Your tax dollars are going to the infrastructure of all of the developers in KC and kickbacks to Sly and the family stone, you know who they all are. So to all of you folks who are paying up to 25K a year in taxes, I do feel for you. 55th street is just about as bad. The thievery in this city is huge. I tried to tell you not to vote for that GO Bond. Contact Mike Parsons get the state involved and get something done. You may have to get rid of the liberals first as they are the ones who are so stupid they can't see this.

Anonymous said...

Just mix up a bucket of cat litter and used motor oil. That's what the City uses. Should last about a month.

Anonymous said...

The "reported" potholes isn't a measurement of the conditions of the streets. People stopped reporting potholes years ago. The same pothole is reported over and over again and the issue is closed over and over again. How many people have the time or the resources to report the same issue over and over again. The 311 staff will even tell the people reporting a current pothole the issue was addressed previously and will not open a new ticket.