Newsflash: Stalled Cerner Development Disappoints South Kansas City

Not exactly "news" but just another company that promised to rescue an ailing part of the metro and didn't live up to expectations . . . The place pretty much functions as a fortress and the economic benefit to the community hasn't been realized. Sneak past the paywall to read more:

What's next for Cerner's Bannister development after standstill with Kansas City?

After a standstill with Kansas City, it's unclear what exactly Cerner Corp. has planned in the way of much anticipated retail development on its massive Innovations campus off of Bannister Road. The health care IT company's 290-acre campus, which stretches from 87th to 95th streets immediately east of Interstate 435, was conceived under the premise that it would help spur a revitalization of South Kansas City.


  1. Another example of incentives gone awry.

    1. Yea could have been a great TIF oops, I mean tourist hotel

  2. They haven't even brought in any decent restaurants to the area. No one who works there lives anywhere near there. And they really screwed the Hickman Mills school district with that property tax appraisal reduction. Scammed again !

  3. Even if the built this beautiful utopia it would be ruined within 5 years

  4. ^^OK Boomer.

  5. ^^ OK Gobshite.

    The koloreds ruined any chance of improving the area, they hate change.

  6. I still question why Cerner decided to build over there. It is a desert in many ways. Once Cerner goes bankrupt or is bought out, the place will sit empty waiting for the wrecking ball. Cerner is the only company stupid enough to build an office complex over there.

  7. Like Bannister Mall, it was a nice place when it opened but when the white folks moved out, there was alot of robbing, raping, wilding, shoplifting, etc. It was destroyed. Sad but true, true but sad.

  8. Cerner built there because there was a massive amount of cheap land with good access to Johnson County and a ton of incentives. This was never going to be any more than a fortress campus.

  9. Don’t forget the soccer stadium was a big part of them going there..... until funkyshit embarrassed the hell out of them by inviting them to his house to discuss the deal, then Gloria showed up and everything went to hell.

    The blacks didn’t want whitey moving his business there either.

  10. Marion Merrell Dow (owned by Dow Chemical) used KC TIF money to build the first set of buildings that Cerner is in at the Grandview Triangle. Same promise of economic development that never happened and Marion Merrell Dow got bought out and left town leaving the area blighted. Dow pocketing several hundred million in TIF money.

  11. They bought the old Marion Labs office, because it made Neal Patterson's dick hard to sit in Mr. K's office.

    then Neal tried to run his blonde secretary wife, Jeannie, for Cleaver's seat in Congress. Because he always wanted to sleep with someone in Congress. Figured he'd just buy that seat. Until Michael Mahoney interviewed her, "Tell me, Jeannie, how does a bill become a law?"

    Crickets. End of that Viagra moment.

    Retail is dead. Even John Petersen at Polsinelli doesn't know what to do. TIFs don't pay off without retail. Petersen just begged Leawood for a preposterous 8 year delay on his TIF at 115th and Nall. Is also getting a starter delay--that's a new thang!--at 91st and Metcalf/The Promontory and 75th & Quivira/Westbrooke Green. Won't even LOOK for retail tenants for at least 4 years.


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