New Kansas City Budget FAILS To Hire More Police Despite Deadly Violent Crime Spike

Corporate welfare and surveillance toys top recent budget demands whilst the VOTING PUBLIC HAS BEEN BEGGING FOR MORE COPS ON THE STREET and for politicos to live up to their promises.

Reference as the current murder count now stands at 21 so far this year:

Kansas City police still short of manpower goal set after 1968 race riots

Here's the latest slap in the face:

Police board president unhappy over budget to hire more cops

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The president of the board of police commissioners said the city's proposed $1.7 billion budget doesn't add enough new police officers to make our community safer. There's likely to be a debate in the coming weeks over how many police officers Kansas City should hire.


  1. We don't want no mo po po in Kansas City.

    I'm Quinton Lucas and I approve this message.

  2. Your are complicit in the killing, Quinton.

    You knew we needed more police when you ran for office.

    And yet you are not going to do anything about it.

  3. The Police Chief is purposely holding the city hostage for more money by intentionally reducing the number of officers on the street until he gets a blank check.If he was truly interested in the improving manpower he would relax hiring requirements so not every new officer has to be heterosexual,white blonde hair and blue eyed with a military background, he was hire reserves to work part time and he would develop incentives to get lateral offices to join from surrounding communities. Yeah I said it FOH

  4. NO NO NO
    NO MORE TAXES to pay for anything in this City. Live within your budget like the rest of us do!!!!!

  5. If KCMO would quit handing taxpayer money to the developers and allowing the developers to rape the taxpayers they would have some money to hire police and fix failed infrastructure.

  6. BLOOMBorg wants stop and frisk. Negroes, Mexicans and anyone not wanting to work at the golf course , shall be stopped and frisked. But, Just wanting to harass women.

  7. The City does not dictate how the Police Department spends their money. The PD gets a check from the City and the Police Board decides how many officers to hire, how many cars, how many mobile command centers to buy. If you think there is a need for more police officers, tell the Board, tell your state representative. The PD gets enough money, make it work like the rest of us have to do.

  8. So the city has had 52 years to solve this issue and has failed. Some of those potholes are going to be as big as the Grand Canyon before they are ever filled, if even then.

  9. The police department uses the city as a cash register. Feel free to dial 911 and 15 minutes later the call is answered and 4 hours later a police officer doesn't show up. The police chief is racist.


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