More Deets On KCFD Sales Tax Spike

Slapped on a low-turnout ballot, this one will almost certainly pass IF there is no organized opposition against it . . . Here's a glimpse that mostly looks at one side of the pitch that will worsen the local cost of living and impact po'folk especially . . . Read more:

KC Fire Department asking voters for sales tax hike to update facilities, maintain equipment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City voters will decide in April on a proposed sales tax increase to support the fire department. Kansas City Fire Chief Donna Maize discussed the ballot issue with citizens at a South Kansas City Alliance meeting Monday evening.



    KCMO doesn't control either their Police or Fire departments.

    The collective bargaining agreement between the City and Firefighters Union ensures that firefighters are generously overpaid, control their own ranks without City interference, receive millions more in overtime/insurance/retirement slush funds, and pull the strings of the City Council who are beholden to Labor contributions.

    Police and Fire, operating as independent contractors to KCMO, are the thirsty leeches that will actually kill the patient. Police and Fire vacuum up so many budget dollars annually that KCMO soon won't have any other departments to maintain infrastructure, provide water/sewer, parks, airports, health, etc.

  2. Wow sounds just like the Army too, but lots more $$$!

  3. How about an audit of the current tax to see if the money is going to where it was promised compared to where it is actually going.
    I would guess none of the city council would back this proposal.

  4. Looks like they need to hire taller fireman, that would save on plywood money to make those fancy little steps to get in the trucks!

  5. FDNY firefighters don't need step stools to get into their rigs. JOCO guys don't either. Does KCFD have high chairs in the kitchen?

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