More Deets On Clay County Politico Free Rent

Here's better reporting from local news on a recent Northland ruckus involving rough allegations and sketchy land deals . . . You decide:

Free rent: Top Clay County administrators living at taxpayer expense

LIBERTY, Mo. - Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte is raising concerns about two top-level administrators, who each make more than $100,000 a year, living at government-owned properties rent free. Based on a request from citizens, Nolte obtained five leases showing county employees living at taxpayer-owned properties without having to pay rent - only utilities.


  1. So now we find out that Clay County is being run day-to-day by unelected County employees who work behind locked doors and refuse to be interviewed.

    An elected PRESIDING County Commissioner has to go through an "Open Records" request (and pay out of his own pocket) to find out ANYTHING about this cushy deal that two Ridgeway/Owen associates were given YEARS AGO by another R/O associate who has since retired and left the area?

    This is the government of Clay County?
    What the HELL else have these two been doing?
    How much more of their skullduggery is going to finally come to light?
    When will these two finally be held accountable?


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