Thursday, February 13, 2020

More Deets: KCPD Cleared Again In Tragic Ryan Stokes Wrongful Death Lawsuit

This update has more information and insight into ongoing outcry legal action over a deadly shooting that occurred nearly 7 years ago. What's important here is the reporting form MANY SIDES of the debate that also offers police perspective, addresses the question of liability AND ongoing protest amid the argument for local control of police.

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Kansas City police officer granted immunity in federal wrongful death lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A federal judge has sided with the Kansas City police officer who killed a man near the Power and Light District in 2013. The family of Ryan Stokes sued the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners in federal court after stokes was shot and killed stokes of a parking garage July 28, 2013.


Anonymous said...

cops can sleep a little easier tonight.

Anonymous said...

some black people do not have enough training to simply stand still with their arms over their head, when they caught running from their friend's car with a gun in the driver's seat. instead of thinking they really need their phone too.

Anonymous said...

is this a matter that the city council believes they should be able to have more accountability control over the police about?

Anonymous said...

i was taught at a very young age that in order to avoid problems with the police, you should always follow their instructions, say 'yes sir/officer' or 'no sir/officer'. I can not say i always succeeded in that, but i never owned a gun and try to be aware, to the best of my ability, about what i can and can not get away with whatever the circumstances.