Monday Mugshot: Consequences After Northland Man Crashes Into House & Kills Friend Whilst Allegedly High On Mushrooms

Here's a reality check and realization that crime crosses demographic lines across the bridge . . .

Report: "A Kansas City, North, man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for causing the death of a friend by crashing a car into a house while (REPORTEDLY) high on mushrooms, according to court records."

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Northland man gets 15 years for fatally driving car into friend

LIBERTY, MO (AP) - A man who killed a friend by crashing a car into a house has been given 15 years in prison. The Newspaper reported that Jacob Mustoe was sentenced last week in Clay County Circuit Court in Liberty.


  1. Unlucky for him that he isn't an undocumented immigrant and living in New York. There would have been little to no consequences.

    1. Oh right, daily stop and frisk of everyone who doesn't look white is of no consequence to racist twits.

    2. Stop and Frisk reduced crime. I wonder why? ;)

    3. So harassment of innocent people by police should be a crime but is not a problem to you? Hmmm I wonder why.

    4. Stop and frisk reduced crime massively. Dont like it? Tough. There is a simple solution. The blacks can stop committing crimes.

  2. He will not have to worry about being molested in prison.

  3. Chef Boyardee better get used to dropping the Ragu

  4. Why all the hate to Bloombergs programs ? Last week most of you wanted to suck his dick and follow him off the cliff.


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