Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Continues Crusade Against Social Media

This move actually scares come Conservatives over potential backlash and betrays GOP dedication to small government . . . Take a look at what's tantamount to a 2nd Amendment crackdown for a short term gain among people too silly to simply put down their phone:

Sen. Josh Hawley Wants 'Biggest Overhaul' of FTC to Combat Big Tech

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) might not be strong enough to take on Big Tech anymore, says Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MI). In a Feb. 10 proposal, the senator, who has made a name for himself pursuing the investigation of Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook, stated that Congress needed "to overhaul the FTC and bring it into the 21st century."


  1. Tried to reach him for comment but his "internet service" was disconnected.

  2. Even his face screams d-bag.

  3. ^^^True. Most repubturds are.

  4. Hmmmm… wonder who Hawley has in mind to head the "Overhauled" FTC?
    Sure would beat the hell out of leaving your long-time Hometown once every six years to go back to a shithole like Missouri to run for reelection!

  5. Still working overtime to help rural Missouri farmers and manufacturing from Trump's tariffs I see. This bi-coastal stuffed suit has been a terrible disappointment.

  6. He still has a real purdy mouth.


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