Progressive success in granting LGBT marriage has pushed Conservatives to rethink their government terms and possibly take the State out of the wedding business -- For those who prize Liberty above policy or politics, that's not such a horrible thing.

Here's the policy perspective . . .

MissouriNet:Domestic union instead of marriage? Missouri bill would reduce the nuptial definition

Check the culture war push back:

Missouri Moves to Ban Marriage... for Everyone

In a seemingly unending parade of bizarre anti-LGBTQ bills to come out of state legislatures this year, Missouri might have just topped the list for strangest. On Monday, the state held a hearing on House Bill 2173, a 382-page bill introduced by Rep.


  1. Our tax dollars at work.

  2. Byron Funkhouser2/19/20, 11:18 AM

    The government became involved in marriage to keep certain people from marrying.

    It should not be necessary to obtain a marriage license.

    You should not require the state's permission.

  3. WAAH WAAH! I wanna play ball by my rules! If I can't make everyone play by my rules I'm gonna throw all the balls in the sewer!!!! WAAAH WAAH!

  4. ^^^^ Quiet, Republican!

  5. Well that sure didn't work when it came to the Funkhousers did it Byron? If there ever was a case of two people not getting married it would have been you and your parents.

  6. This is a bad precedent.

  7. Might as well ban marriage. Today marriage is not much more than an extended date with temporary cohabitation. As marriage has evolved "Till death do us part" has been replaced with "Till divorce do us part." Let's just shack up and move out when we've had enough.

  8. ^^OK Boomer.


  9. People stop this crap before it goes to far. This is bogus and means if you and your spouse divorce after 20 or thirty years you would get no help from your husband if you were a housewife. Don't let them fool you this is BS and needs to be stopped. Tell the gays to go to CA or leave the country they are going to wreck everyone's life and they won't stop at this it will keep going on. If this passes it's time to put the gays back in the closet.


  10. It's amazing that once again government is attempting to change a law for a small minority of the state. While at the same time trying to nullify years and years of the commitment to marriage to an overwhelming population.

    This madness has to stop

  11. As long as Queers can get what they want. Isn't that all you hear all day long ?


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