Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Tonight the Democratic Party Presidential Debate will be all about Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg. A litany of negative stories that now include allegations of sexism confront the BILLIONAIRE contender. Luckily, a local scribe offers her hot take focused on this politico and his path to redemption that may or may not include tribute to Hillary Clinton.

Checkit from TKC given that most local news agencies are politely ignoring this cautious litany of DNC talking points:

Mary Sanchez: Should black and brown communities forgive Bloomberg?


The high-spending Democratic presidential nominee, in the span of one week, has shown a capacity for patriarchal, simplistic thinking on race. He can be heard on audio tape rationalizing discriminatory practices, latching to easily disproven racial threads.

Is this who Bloomberg is, or who he was?

And will African American and Latino voters, two indispensable blocs of the Democratic voting base, forgive him?

You decide . . .


  1. Bloomberg isn't a real Democrat. He used to be a Republican. He just wants to sabotage this election so that Bernie won't succeed.

    1. Wrong, still is a Republican in reality, just not to the DNC.

  2. Trump isn't a real republican. He used to be a democrat. He just wants to loot the country for his own personal gain.

  3. The perfect foil for Bloomberg.

  4. I don't now if the "black" or "brown" people will forgive Bloomberg, but I know that the "white" people won't.

  5. @10:21, actually the country has become much more wealthy under Trump. The trade deficit has been reduced considerable.

    Good times are hear again, don't stop the party!

  6. democrats don't give a shit about stuff they do. The governor of Virginia literally wore black face and had the nickname "coon hunter" in his college yearbook and they're like "well, at least he's not racist like drumphy". It's fucking hilarious how it's all pretend woke

  7. Of course, left wingers like Sanchez will forgive him because they're phony hypocrites with double standards.

  8. Almost all Democrats are homosexuals, blacks or Mexicans. Very few normal people are Democrats. Bloomberg is a bully against the homosexuals, blacks and Mexicans.

  9. Bloomberg has been quoted as saying "hire a black" to take care of your kid. "He's a fag." and he told an audience of African Americans and Latinos, " I could even teach you how to do it."

  10. Byron Funkhouser2/19/20, 11:02 AM

    Der Fuhrer commits new impeachable offenses, everyday. To bad, the Republicans in the Senate don't care about the rule of law. He just pardoned a bunch of white collar criminals because he doesn't care about the rule of law, either.

    The economy is not doing well because of Der Fuhrer's policies, but rather, in spite of them. This is still Obama's economy, even though Der Fuhrer tried to wreck it with his tax cuts for the rich, & his stupid trade war with China. Your 401k may be up, but that's not the only indicator that economists consider. As a country, & as individuals, Americans are drowning in a sea of debt.

    Unlike Der Fuhrer, Bloomberg has experience in government, intelligence, & education. Der Fuhrer, at this core, is a stupid hick.

    If the primary were tomorrow, I would vote for Bloomberg.

    1. It must be painful to be THAT stupid.

    2. Really wierd to hate Trump but love Bloomberg.

      Imagine your political understanding covering the entire fascist inch between
      Throw the Honduran kids in cages
      Harass all the Black kids.

    3. How is Raytown "Byron"?

  11. Should Kansas City forgive Mary Sanchez for being a lousy reporter? NO!

    1. She didn't even say anything in particular.

  12. Sure Byron..., it's "Obama's economy" and Warren is a Lakota Sioux that rode with Crazy Horse at the Little Bighorn after she got fired by Mante Te'o's girlfriend for being pregnant with Morgan Fairchild's love child.

    Jesus. Maybe if you click your Ruby Slippers together, you will come back home to Kansas from West Virginia without having to buy a plane ticket too.

    1. You idiot Chucky, Dumphy is still constantly blaming Obama for all the bad shit like kids in cages.
      Suck up all the double talk you want, just don't expect everyone else to suck like you.

  13. If I was on the jury at Byron's fraud trial, I would vote to convict his ass.

    As was mentioned a long time ago Byron will be the one wearing an orange jumpsuit not Trump.

    Byron is a pathological liar and has been his whole life. His whole life's a lie, he's such a flake he was even kicked out of all the chess clubs. Look folks, when you get checked out of a chess club you're without a doubt not a winner. Trump is a winner and Byron hates winners.that.

  14. ^^^^ Well, "Chuck" FINALLY posts something that is far more credible than anything he has posted here in the last three years!

    Have his Doctors finally found meds that work for him?

  15. Bloomberg is just clearing the field of candidates so Hillary can run without any opposition.

  16. Why would anyone care what Mary Sanchez has to say, she is no one!

  17. ^^and yet you do. Weird.

  18. Sanchez is an idiot who always thinks she is a victim because she is fat, dumb, and ugly. Not a good combination of skill sets. The victim card no longer plays well with Middle America.

  19. Hey Mary, see if you think this is funny.

    The Beverly Hillarybillys

    Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Bernie,
    Poor Commie whiner who never, never learnie,
    Then one day he was on the stage with Mike
    Americans aghast, we might elect a kike!

    Mazel Tov, Meshegguneh

    Bernie's pretty pissed cause Mikes a billionaire,
    His mom and dad say, Bernie get away from there,
    Get back in our basement, that's where ya wanna be,
    But Bernie took a stand and he's the nominee!

    Green New Deal, Bankruptcy.

    Now Bernie runs the show and he knows where to go,
    He heads out west to hang out with the best,
    While America's on fire, he packs up and flees,
    He packed all his shit and moved to Beverly.

    Bread lines, soup kitchens.

    One thing we learned, don't electa a whacka,
    As bad as it is, you're better off with a crakka
    Or maybe betta yet, a crakka with a tan
    We can all pretend, that he is Mexican.

    Great restaurants, hot Latina chicks

  20. clap clap clap clap

  21. Chuck must be off his meds today. He's reposting the same tired shit. No work today chump?

  22. So now, black and brown people are all lovey-dovey with a rich jew.
    They are more stupid than I thought.

    1. Nazi scum off our streets!


  23. Bloomberg is cool. He never gets together with the people all he does is runs ad with what his money can buy. That's the type of President democrats want. Someone who is out of touch. Perfect.

  24. ^^Why? It worked for the Republicans in 2016.

  25. Who the fuck cares what dirty sanchez says, next

  26. No more pictures of Mary Sanchez, please. She is too ugly.

  27. Byron should have his picture on a milk carton. Byron has a real kind face. Kind of like a baboon’s ass.

  28. Before this I thought Mary had retired.
    Not sure what there is to gain from this diatribe.

    Every segment of minority unemployment is up.
    401k’s through the roof.
    Wages for low earners up.
    Taxes down.
    Regulation down.

    Minorities have advanced under Trump more than any Democrat president.

    Democrat cities have high crime and minorities have been promised the moon under Democratic controller cities... nothing.
    Democrats offer nothing but a sandwich, milk, and a ride on Election Day. Racist.

    More Blacks and minorities are pledging to vote Republican than ever before.

    No Democrat prez. has helped as much as Trump.

    Mary? More of the same negatives and broken promises.



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