Mahomes Money Double Take: EPIC Paycheck Bigger Than Expected NFL Insider Claims

Counting other people's money is Kansas City's favorite hobby, here's a quick tease to make the workday even more gloomy . . . Read more:

Patrick Mahomes might end up getting even richer than we thought

" Patrick Mahomes is going to make a lot of money - a whole lot of money. More money than... it's just going to be a lot." NFL insider Ian Rapoport appeared to be at a loss for words to describe just how much money the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback could get under the contract extension the Chiefs want to negotiate with him.


  1. He's isn't worth a penny more than what he is making now. Spread the dollars around to the other players that make him look good.

  2. That salary cap's gonna fuck everybody. Players will have to be released to make room for his salary if what they're saying comes to fruition.

  3. Tickets will go sky high. And Parking. Where IS CLAY. THE TRAIN FROM UNION STATION TO ARROWHEAD.

  4. A QB is only as good as his receivers. Release him if you have to! Money needs spread around. You saw what good the high paid SF49 QB did in the game.


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