Monday, February 24, 2020

Legendary Kansas City Royals George Brett 'Pine Tar Jersey' Sells For $174K

Money line:

No one has forgotten when Brett hit a game-winning home run, which was then reversed to an out after umpires found that there was too much pine tar on his bat. Because of how famous his reaction has become, the jersey he was wearing that game in 1983 just sold for an absolutely astounding $174,000.

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Brett's jersey from pine tar game sold for insane amount of money

George Brett was a fantastic baseball player throughout his 20-year MLB career with the Kansas City Royals, ending with a batting average of .305 and 317 HR. As time goes on, though, Brett will be recognized by the younger generations for one specific mishap in his career: the pine tar incident.


Anonymous said...

Wife is high maintenance

Anonymous said...

^^^ Could be the IRS also

Anonymous said...

What did his pants sell for that he shit in?

Anonymous said...

^^They were cheap. I am still licking them.

Anonymous said...

174K for a shirt nobody knows for sure is indeed the same one. See how easy it is to rob you rubes of insane amounts of money for nothing.

"Brett will be recognized by the younger generations for one specific mishap in his career: the pine tar incident."

I remember the incident with the bat but him shitting himself and his assnuts stand out as memorias more when you say the name George Brett than some damn tree pitch.

Anonymous said...

that is not a bad buy. this is an iconic moment in sports. KC all of us black white rich poor whatever can rally behind the glory of the memory of the Pine Tar Incident!!!!

a guy wrote a book about it. i recall from it that that bat brett had over-tarred was itself something special. Brett had some connect at the Louisville slugger factory to keep an eye out for promising stock. the ash wood for that bat had only seven grains. so like evidently a really grainy bat has like twelve or thirteen and a good hard bat that withstands breaking has like nine or ten, but Brett had this like genetic freak piece of ash that was truly special, and it is why he kept using it so much and so long and how it acquired so much pine tar. really it was just smearing and migration of the tar and oil it wasn't applied past the legal spot. radish has spoken.