Kobach Calls Out 'New Way Forward Bill' That Would Bring Illegal Aliens Back To USA

Former Kansas SecState Kris Kobach is reworking all of his classic talking points and touting his connections to Prez Trump in order to bolster chances at a successful Senate bid whilst establishment Republicans want to stifle him as payback for the horrific election beating he delivered to the party at the hands of a moderate old lady.

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Kobach: The New Way Forward Bill Isn't Just Bad Policy; It's Insanity

42 Kris W. Kobach The open-borders Democrats in Congress continue to outdo themselves. One would think that it would be impossible to come up with anything more idiotic than their proposals to give free health care to illegal aliens and to abolish ICE. But they have done it again.


  1. You run, Kris. With Peter Thiel's money, Ann Coulter's support, and brilliant articles like this, who needs voters?

  2. Hope he gets the Republican nomination, one more Democratic Senator for the next six years.


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