KCPD Share More Clips From Super Bowl Parade Meth Suspect Gate Crasher Chase

Real life interrupts "historic" celebration of bladder busting fanboy rally. Read more:

KCPD video shows efforts by authorities to stop chase before Chiefs parade

New video just released by the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department shows the incredible efforts by law enforcement to stop a police chase that ran through a crowded Chiefs victory parade route. According to court records, about 8:13 a.m.


  1. Where is the fool from earlier who said the crowd didn't scatter and run away?

    We now know one thing for sure and that's when KCPD says a street is closed and secured it sure as hell isn't.

    1. That was Chimpy, wearing a clown suit he sewed himself. As usual.

  2. do not think they claimed it was fortified with concrete Jersey barriers.


  3. I can't believe there's hardly any people at the parade. Amazing. There's more people at the St Patrick's day parade. Now that's funny. Well so much for the millions who were suppose to show up, kinda like the 25 million tourists. Gotta give the meth head credit. The chiefs lead by example don't they? What's good for them to break the law is good for anyone else. Go meth head!

  4. Next time it could be a suicide bomber

  5. They should have used concrete barriers that are used during road construction and interstate lane dividers for the north and south ends of Grand Boulevard to effectively seal the parade route. Next parade have some mobile 18 wheelers strategically placed on the east / west numbered streets to seal and isolate vehicle intruders.

    Thankfully that was not an Islamic suicide bomber.

    The Chiefs Super Bowl win was awesome but whoever was the parade organizer ought to be fired. That was a poorly planned parade for viewing the coaches and players, entertainment perspective for fans / families, trash receptacles, and security.


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