Saturday, February 01, 2020

KCK Robbery Suspect Shot Dead

Quick look at deadly gunfire amid the ongoing fight for/against gun rights . . . Check the uncomfortable truth revealing the firearms kept this homeowner safe from attack:

Overnight home robbery leaves one person dead

KANSAS CITY, Kans. - Kansas City Kansas Police were dispatched to the area of 19th and Minnesota to investigate a shooting. When officers arrived, they found a victim who had been shot and died at the scene. Initial investigations suggest the during an aggravated robbery of a home, someone who was in the home confronted and shot the robbery suspect.


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Happened next to Horseless Carriage used car lot, where 7 people shot in 2018 during a after hours party and 1 died. Nobody arrested yet!

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Black people don’t care about nothing

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Score one for the good guys !!!