Quick reminder to drive/walk carefully and watch the road . . . Updated deets from the scene:

Fox4: Eyewitnesses said KCK crossing guard pushed children out of the way before driver hit him

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Crossing guard struck by car, killed in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A crossing guard was killed in Kansas City, Kansas, after being struck by a vehicle outside an elementary school on Tuesday morning, authorities said. The incident happened outside of Christ the King Elementary School in the 5400 block of Leavenworth Road.


  1. There is no reason for this kind of thing to be happening.

  2. ^^and yet it's happening. Weird.

  3. Let me guess:
    D'eont're was speeding and texting.

  4. Sad as the other crossing guard about 15 years ago or so was a lady killed by 2 wondering pitbulls. They killed her as she worked in the garden

  5. People drive like a third world county these days. America is damn near third world in behavior and actions at 2020.

  6. Then a f'idiot will tell you how safe pit bulls are.

  7. Lived in Raytown bout 15 years ago. All was peaceful and sweet till I looked up from my garden and noticed a pitbull lounging camoflauged amongst my treeline. He was not friendly, nor were my suddenly new neighbors that seemed to have replaced my old friendlys overnight. The pitbull continued roaming the streets at will, but the new neighbors progeny proved a bigger threat. These little fatherless fucks showed what the future of America was gonna look like. I had the means, so I got the fuck outta town, knowing that peace was only gonna last as long as 6 or 7 yrs until the postman dropped that package on my doorstep again. I lost about 65,000 (my life savings at age 45) getting out. So-which is racist--leaving peacefully ("white flight") or fighting back ?

  8. It is crazy the turn Raytown has taken when diversity sets in. Happened fast too. Raytown used to be a decent working class suburb. Stopped in at the hyvee a couple years ago and it was like being in Compton during the 90s. Northland is next


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