A few weeks ago the newspaper started a myth that this program was effective . . . Here's a look at their latest effort that might have forgotten that the KC Super Bowl Party STARTED with a mass shooting.

Here's the premise that hasn't worked out so far . . .

FOX4: Cease fire campaign seeks to tap into goodwill created by Chiefs’ victory


Kansas City's No Violence Alliance has been spreading messages on Facebook reminding fans that the Chiefs' success has made a difference in how we feel about one another.
And some want that unity to carry over throughout the community in other ways.

At the top of the list: Stopping the bloodshed that's the result of gun violence.

"We have seen random acts of kindness happen all over the metro," said the Rev. Darren Faulkner, community engagement director for KC NoVA. "That’s the camaraderie of this Kansas City Chiefs football team. Why not tap into that? Ok? Let's raise everyone’s awareness to cease fire over next 30 days."

Through social media, KC NoVA targets people it has identified as the most likely to shoot or be shot.

Quick backtrack . . .


Tragically, this high tech research doesn't seem to be working given the current murder count.

Developing . . .


  1. Still asking someone who's fluent in Spanish - doesn't "NO VA" mean something like "It doesn't work"?


  2. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! They drive around shooting and blow themselves up with homemade fireworks and they think the violence will stop? That's flipping funny and stupid! If anything the chiefs win has escalated crime by the way they acted at the parade. They were so drunk they couldn't even give their speech no one could understand what they were saying. They broke the law by drinking in public when the police said not to and nothing was done to them, so they have actually said to the people that it's OK to break the law.

  3. Well, if I’m not mistaken there have been no murders since the playoff game night, correct?

  4. Of all the nonsensical comments and claims ever made about KCMO violence, this one has to win the prize for stupidity.
    Along this line of thinking, maybe THE streetcar will solve global warming.
    Maybe dumping another $100 million of the taxpayers' money into 18th and Vine will cure cancer.
    Maybe another million dollar arts festival will fix all the potholes.
    What a joke.
    The cowards elected, appointed, and employed to address crime and violence in KCMO know very well where the problem comes from and who the vast majority of perpetrators are.
    Suck it up and address the issue for the benefit of the many good people who have to live in these high-crime neighborhoods.
    Comments like the Super Bowl nonsense just make these folks look even more clueless, gutless, and impotent than they already do.

    1. Sorry, what was your solution?

  5. “Nova” means no go or not going in Spanish so it’s a perfect word for these famous highly paid (taxpayer money) do gooders of nothing, we see how the “cease fire” during and after the royals championship worked out now didn’t we.

    This is just another attempt to look like they’re trying so that free money keeps coming. Everyone In charge of these well payed positions is connected politically.

    As an example, It’s the same thing as the joe and hunter biden mess, let’s just call it re-distribution of tax payer money.

  6. No way. If this is our strategy, why do we need Nova? Nova is worthless.

  7. Nothing that Nova does makes a dent in violent crime, so they are now relying on unrelated external events to do the trick: Chiefs win super bowl, planets in alignment, favorable omens, whatever - the most important thing is to keep that money coming in.

  8. Wink Martindale2/8/20, 9:45 AM

    Many of us hoped that Big Sonia Day would stop the violence. Maybe if we all got Leopard-print sofas ?

  9. Not EVAR gonna happen.

    1. It might if racists pigs like you would hurry up and die.

  10. ^^Fuck Off

  11. Every week these people hope some new catch phrase will stop the murderous blacks and every week, they fail..... SAD.

    Time to let the President send in the troops because we cant count on the dimwits to do anything but give our money away to developers, family members and failed crime fighters. REALLY SAD.

    1. Ok Nazi scum, send in the army to kill people to reduce violence.

  12. @7:38 are you referring to the "Joe and Hunter Biden mess" that Fox News has distributed a 162 page Internal Memo entitled "Ukraine, Disinformation and the Trump Administration" about?

    The Memo in which Fox News' own Research Department warns Newscasters and Commentators not to rely on any "disinformation being spread by frequent Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham guests Rudy Giuliani, John Solomon, Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova.

    It discloses the fact that Fox's Research Department has discredited ALL of Solomon's claims about the Bidens, and discloses that he, Toensing and diGenova are all three financially connected to Dmytro Firtash, a discredited Ukrainian oligarch with proven ties to Russian Mafia, and a close ally to Yuriy Lutsenko, the disgraced former prosecutor currently undergoing a trial for accepting Russian bribe money.

    So, if Fox News finds that the charges being leveled against the Bidens are, as FOX states "disinformation" being spread by Giuliani et.al, what sources other than Hannity, Carlson, Dobbs and Ingraham are you referring to, because those "commentators" have, according to Fox News, been misled by the Trump Administration.

  13. Garrison gots a small head.

  14. EAP: Electric Air Pump

  15. So the Nazi answer: empower the police state to oppress the non white population into greater desperation.

  16. 1. black community needs to set their own common core curriculum.
    2. Student housing alternatives. College has dorms, grade school can offer dorms as alternative. Lots of rich white folks send their kids to boarding school.
    3. Works Progress Administration
    4. BLM needs to target their own community.
    5. .......... (continue or edit the list 12:15)

  17. 5. All kids required to jog a mile before class starts, particularly the so called "ADD" ones.
    6. .....................

  18. 6. They can jog another mile after lunch.
    7. ...........................

  19. 11:42 STFU
    Senator Chuck Grassley, chair of the Finance Committee, and Senator Ron Johnson, chair of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, obtained the sensitive financial records as part of their continuing investigation into former vice president Joe Biden’s son’s possible conflicts of interest involving his lucrative position on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.
    Three committee chairs are expecting thousands of pages of records from government agencies, and nongovernment witnesses have agreed to cooperate.
    Since December, the lead Republicans on three Senate committees have been receiving records and talking to those who might testify in the vast probe, which could stretch into the summer and the primaries, where Biden is vying for the Democratic nomination. The committees are expecting thousands more pages of records from government agencies about interactions between the Obama administration and Ukrainian officials before the last presidential election.

  20. Racist Pigs ? People with the Negro bloodline commit the most murders. Is that Racist ? Fact is fact. Racist is saying you hate Negroes, won't allow them to live some place, enter a store or work some place.

  21. ^^That's the truth Ruth.

  22. @1:22, 4Q2!

    I also hear from Republicans that they plan to "Impeach Joe Biden", because he put pressure on Ukrainian Government to fire Lutsenko, when he (Lutsenko) wasn't even appointed as a Prosecutor till after Biden left office. (And the Burisma Corruption Investigation started two years before Hunter Biden became a Board Member.)

    My advice to you, since Giuliani's Mouthpieces at Fox tell you that Hunter Biden is "shady", is to not cast your vote for Hunter Biden for President in November of 2020.

    And since Hunter Biden is a private Citizen, it would be interesting to know what "conflicts of interest" he is suspected of.

    And also to see what charges of Impeachment Joe Biden could face, since any Impeachment, under the Constitution, could only result from actions taken AFTER Joe Biden took Office as President!
    (GOP Senators should probably buy themselves a copy of the Constitution and read it! You might find it interesting too.)

  23. I'm going on a 58 year cease fire. But then again, I'm white.


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